Buying a new automobile is fun. You get to be behind the wheel of a car that nobody else has every driven before and enjoy that new car smell! But, your new car will depreciate in value the second you drive it out of the lot and on to the street. As a result, if you are a financing your new car, you will end up instantly owing more than what the car is worth (being upside down).
Buying a used car may not have the same appeal as purchasing new. However, not only will buying used save you significant money, when buying pre-owned from a dealer, you may be able to obtain the same protection/warranty perks associated with new cars.

No matter if you are buying used from a dealer or private party, you’ll need to shop wisely and cautiously. Avoid common car buying mistakes. The key to successful used car shopping is to not only give yourself plenty of time to do research so that you locate a vehicle make and model that is great for your needs and fits in your price range, but to have any car that you are interested in purchasing inspected by a licensed mechanic to ensure that the vehicle is in 100% good running condition. It is also highly recommended that you run a vehicle history report with CarFax to make sure that your possible purchase has not been in any major accidents and/or sustained any type of damage from weather, fire, etc.. Obviously, you should test drive any car you are interested in to make sure that you enjoy the way the car rides.

What are the benefits to buying a used car?
-Eliminate the instant factor associated with new car purchases! Are you aware that that a new car decreases in value at a rate of 35 – 45% from the original MSRP within the first 30 months? For instance, a $40,000 automobile can depreciate to be worth $24,000 after 12 months and $22,000 after 30 months.

-If you are adamant on owning a new car, you may want to try and locate a vehicle that is coming off a two or three year lease. The leasing business is booming. As a result, most dealers have a huge inventory, even luxury vehicles, fresh off of lease. You should be aware that the specific models and makes of automobiles do not change much from year-to-year. Therefore, you will likely be able to get the same car pre-owned for less than a new one!

-Take advantage of certified pre-owned warranties! In addition, cars coming off of leases, and even dealer buy backs, will come with manufacturer warranties. These types of cars are called certified pre-owned. Manufacturer warranties are great because not only do they offer the same type of protection you would receive if you were buying a new car, you are protected in the event that your used car is not mechanically sound as a result of a previous accident or some sort of damage.

-Finance your used car and rebuild your credit!
We offer a variety of different good and bad credit used car loans programs. Our financing packages are designed to help those with bad credit rebuild their credit ratings. We can even help those with no credit establish a positive credit history. Learn more about the used car loans we offer.

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