If you own your own business, money and debt can be a constant issue. When you have serious business debts, you have a few basic alternatives. You can cut back, expand, or go out of business.

Below are some ways to save money on your overhead:

  • Control labor costs. Make sure you are not being overstaffed. Ask yourself if you could further reduce labor costs by making an employee an independent contractor, thereby taking insurance, benefits and tax withholding out of the labor equation. Use voicemail instead of a receptionist.

  • Reduce overhead. Cut entertainment and other perks, compare insurance costs and cut back on travel expenses.

  • Reward efficiency. Make it profitable for employees to point out potential cost savings you may have overlooked by giving them a bonus.

Another option is to make more money. Instead of constricting your business, consider expanding by applying for a business loan instead to solve your cash crunch. Get more information about how business loans work.

If you are considering using personal money for handling business debts, it is important that you understand how to keep business debt & personal debts separate enough so that you don't put your personal life in shambles.

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