Locating a bank that does not utilize ChexSystems can be difficult, since almost every bank in American uses their service. However, there are a bunch of websites that maintain and regularly update a list of financial organizationS that are not part of ChexSystems. Since these institutes are thin in numbers and declining quickly, it is a good idea to conserve any banking services/products you currently encompass.

ChexSystems, a private financial reporting service, frequently rejects bank account applicants as a result of adverse info they have collected and stored in their databases. You can have a hard time opening savings or checking accounts with a ChexSystem participating bank even if you have bounced only one check in the past. As a result, declined applicants will typically have to utilize check cashing services for cashing their paychecks. Which not only equates to being charged high fees by the check cashing company but also losing out on potential interest on deposits.
Banks that grant accounts that are second-chance in nature, or others that are not part of the ChexSystems group, give the opportunity for financial restoration as well as providing chances for growing money.

There are credit unions and banks all over the US that do not utilize ChexSystems. When trying to locate these establishments, it is a good idea to visit sites like and Both these sites update their list of non-participating banks regularly. You may also want to visit online Debt forums and look for postings from members that have been able to locate banks that are not part of ChexSystems.

It is also very common for small community type banks to not be members of ChexSystems, or overrule denials upon the conclusion of a personal finance course like Go Checking. Community banks may be more ready to create relationships with high risk clients than the larger banks, but be ready to pay greater fees and be required to maintain higher minimums on your accounts.

Being able to open a bank account after living a past of financial irresponsibility can be a lifesaver. Not owning a bank account can not only make paying bills very difficult but almost impossible to rebuild your credit. Those most damaged are individuals with limited amounts of funds in their accounts which equates to unintentional bounced checks. A negative mark with ChexSystems stays on your account for up to five years. Banks that grant accounts to those that are not able to get approved with ChexSystems banks help educate consumers about managing debt and money money in a more responsible manner as well as pushing money into the economy that would not be previously be earning any interest.

Even though there are banks that are not part of ChexSystems that will give you a second chance it is still a very good idea to do whatever you can to maintain your current in good standing. Since the amount of non-ChexSystems banks is declining, customers must remain guarded so that they can evade bouncing checks. A negative mark can take years to be removed from your ChexSystems report, therefore it important to try and not get a bad mark ever. The best thing you can do to help yourself in keep excellent banking records (balancing your checkbook) and use cash instead of checks if your accounts are low on funds.

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