If you feel that you are erroneous listed with ChexSystems, you will need to take the steps to get yourself removed. There are a multitude of companies that offer to help you with the removal process...for a fee of course! Why pay if you don't have to? We offer free information below that will assist you in getting your name removed from the ChexSystems database. If you have any questions regarding, please contact us.

Step 1 - The first thing you will need to do is get in touch with ChexSystems and request a copy of your ChexSystems report. You are entitled to a free copy annually.

The easiest way to get your report is to visit their website and obtain it online, here. You will need to provide them with your name, SSN, drivers license or state ID card and the addresses of the last five places you lived. Or you can contact them them via the information below.

12005 Ford Road, Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75234-7253
Phone: (800) 428-9623

Obtaining your report will enable to you view what the cause is for you being placed in their system. In addition, you will also obtain your 'Consumer ID' number.

If the info being reported by ChexSystems is not accurate you will need to proceed to step 2 and remit a dispute letter. If the info is correct, you will need to pay the debt.

Step 2 - Write a dispute letter (see a sample dispute letter) to let ChexSystems know that you have gone over your report and that you are disputing the negative listing that they have on file for you. Request for them to verify the information and for them to send you copies of all documentation they have.

In this same letter, request for them to delete all of the information they have on file that is associated with your SSN. It is possible that this initial letter will be all that you need to have ChexSystems fulfill your request for this deletion.

Make sure your letter includes:
- Your signed and printed name.
- Your SSN.
- Your current place of residency.
- Your 'Consumer ID' number as listed on the ChexSystems report.
- The negative information that you are disputing and it's date of occurrence.

**It is very important that you retain copies of every letter that you send. It is also a good idea to send all of your correspondence to ChexSystems via certified mail with delivery confirmation.

Step 3 - In the event that you did not achieve success or receive an answer (give it 30 days) to your initial dispute letter, you will need write a follow-up dispute letter.

If they are still claiming your info is accurate, request for ChexSystems to provide you with details of the course of action they used when determining that the info they have listed for you is valid. Ask them for the names, phone numbers and addresses of the people that they contacted when verifying your information.

If you feel that identity theft is involve, file a report with your local police department. Get more info about detecting identity theft.

Step 4 - If ChexSystems has verified your information as accurate and you owe money, pay it. It is very common for banks to grant consumers checking accounts as soon the debt being reported by ChexSystems is settled. If you pay the debt and you are still unable to obtain a checking account you can either wait it out until the your ChexSystems account is clear (takes five years for negative info to be removed) or you can try opening an account with a different bank. Not all banks utilize ChexSystems and others have different courses of action that they use when determining whether or not to grant accounts.

What should you do if your dispute letters go unanswered?
Visit the FTC website for detailed info on how to deal with non-complying credit bureaus.

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