Everyone has experienced the head-ache of having to to complete some Christmas gift shopping at the last minute. No matter if you save all your shopping or just a few gifts to buy last-minute, utilize the tips outlined below.

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Clothes shopping can be done last.
Clothes are the most deal friendly gifts you can buy, especially if you are shopping last minute. Prices will be slashed significantly right up until Christmas day since retailers want to move all of their Christmas inventory out before the holidays are over. You will receive the best deals the longer you can put off buying clothes. However, it is important to note that high-end, designer items like shoes, jackets and pocketbooks typically will not go on sale at all.

The must-have items should not be purchased last-minute.
Whether you are buying the newest in electronics or the kiddies that cool new toy, buy them as soon as you can. Retailers know that the season's hot gifts are going to be purchased whether or not they are on sale. Therefore, they typically will not even offer deals. Realistically, the closer you wait till Christmas to buy these items, the more expensive they are going to get and the harder they are going to be to find.

Be ready for Christmas Eve sales.
With the exemption of electronics and toys, you will find the best deals on Christmas Eve. Retailers will typically set pricing at their lowest points of the year!  If you are planning on doing some Christmas Eve bargain hunting, be prepared to battle! Stores get very busy at this time with the most hardcore eleventh-hour shoppers.

Utilize Phone Apps!
There are applications for smart phones now that grant you the ability to do price comparison from your phone! You'll never have to wonder if you are truly getting the best deal. Put your phone to work and download popular price comparison apps like RedLaser and Save Benjis.

Don't limit yourself!
You would be surprised where you can find the best deals for your last-minute Christmas shopping. It is common for stores that have the highest pricing in comparison to their competitors to offer the most last-minute discounts. And don't forget to check out places like CVS, Walgreen and even your local grocery stores for discounts on their holidays inventory, especially on Christmas Eve.

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