You know how you will definitely know your fiancé to be is going to like the engagement ring you buy her? Buy letting her pick it out herself! She is going to be wearing it everyday and therefore the ring must fit her style as well as her way of life. It can take visiting many different jewelry stores, looking at endless setting styles and diamond shapes until you find that ring that is 'perfect'.

If your goal is to surprise her by 'popping the question', then you better be ready to educate yourself about engagement rings so that you get the ring you know will knock her socks off but one that will also be affordable for your budget. How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

Look at the jewelry she currently wears.
The most precise means of determining her tastes is to view what she wears on a daily basis (or close to it). What she wears once in a while is not a solid indicator of her taste.

Since most females have a preference, determine what color metal she wears. For example, if she prefers to wear yellow gold, don't even bother looking at platinum or white gold settings!

Does she wear bold style jewelry or is she more on the contemporary side? Perhaps she likes vintage looking pieces?

What are her likes and dislikes?
Have you guys ever been to the mall and looked at engagement rings in the past? Has she ever discussed her favorite styles? If you have no clue about what her likes and dislikes are, tell her you are interested in buying yourself a new watch and take a trip to the jewelry store. While you are there, look at engagement rings. And make sure you LISTEN to her comments.

Do you know if any of her friends have recently gotten engaged? Has she made any comments about liking or not liking their rings? Did she why or why not?

There are many women that don't like to wear diamonds. Be aware that there are engagement rings that are also available in rubies, sapphires and other types of precious stones.

What type of setting is going to look best on her hand?
If she has short fingers, some type of elongated stone is going to look very sleek. Be careful though because going too long may have the opposite effect.

Bottom line is you want the ring to look proportional with her fingers. Long fingers have the ability to wear more bold style rings. A more delicate/smaller looking ring will get lost on a bigger hand.

Selecting the Perfect Setting and Shape
There are so many different diamond shapes to choose from; round, pear, emerald, and elongated marquis are a few of the other more popular. You will also need to determine if she would prefer a diamond set alone in a band (known as a solitaire) or do you think she would prefer a grouping of stones.

Take her Lifestyle into Consideration
How the ring is going to fit with her lifestyle is going to be very important. Does she have a job where finicky jewelry will be annoying and appear out of place? And if she has a job where she can wear any ring she wants, keep in mind that a ring with a high setting will likely always be catching on clothing and is also more difficult to maintain clean. That style of ring should be purchased as a gift that will only be worn on special circumstances and not daily. 

Determine Her Ring Size
See if she is already wearing a ring on her engagement finger. If she is, try and 'borrow' it from her or have a family member help you 'borrow' it just long enough so that you can get the ring sized.

Consider Buying a Loose Diamond
If you have a solid idea about what type of shape stone she likes, then consider buying and proposing to her with a loose diamond. Then, the both of you can go and select the setting together.

What is Your Budget?
How much you can afford to spend is going to be the number one factor in determining what you can buy. If your budget does not give you the cash you need, consider applying for an engagement ring loan. We offer a variety of engagement ring loans that will help you accomplish your goals without hurting your daily expenses.


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