When looking to refinance your home you need to know about a few things that can help you in the process. The first thing is to determine whether you would prefer to deal with a lender or a broker.

Lender or broker?
One of the advantages of applying for a loan with a lender is that you will deal directly with the entity that will make the decision on whether to approve your loan. Direct contact offers less room for miscommunication to occur. In contrast, brokers are not able to make credit decisions or issue mortgage commitments.

Although they are no fixed rules to determine whether you should choose a direct lender or broker, you should know which type of mortgage organization you have selected.

Lock it in
It is important to know if you are getting lock-in-agreement. A lock-in agreement is a lender's agreement to make a loan at a particular rate, with or without certain points, provided that the loan is closed by a specific date.

A lock-in agreement can help you or hurt you. When interest rates are rising, a lock-in agreement protects your lower rate while the loan is being processed. On the contrary if interest rates are going down, you are stuck paying your lock-in rate.

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