Consumers with no credit history are typically considered 'high'-risk' by the majority of traditional banks and lenders. As a result, achieving approval for any type of loan or credit is a difficult task when dealing with these types of financial institutions. WE CAN HELP! Choice Personal Loans works with a network of lenders that specialize in helping people with no credit get approved for unsecured loans.

How can I get approved for a personal loan with no credit?
We analyze each applicant on an individual basis. We take many different variables into consideration during our approval process. Some of these factors will include your employment history, how much money you earn, if you have a co-signer (co-signers are not needed in order to achieve approval but do help) and whether you have a bank account or not. If you have any questions about how our process works, please contact us.

Apply now for personal loans for people with no credit!

Personalized no credit loans!
Our loan officers will work with you closely to help you develop a loan package that is right for your needs and budget. As soon as your loan is finalized, and you agree to the terms, we will begin the process of getting you your funds via overnight check delivery or instant wire into your bank account. Applicants will typically receive their funds within 24 hours.

Start building a strong history of credit!
The no credit loans we offer are designed to help our clients develop a positive credit history. Our lenders will report your account activity to all three major credit reporting agencies monthly. Therefore, it is very important that you make your payments timely and in full every month. Doing so will equate to an increased credit score within one months time. If you fail to maintain a positive account history with your no credit personal loan, your credit score will be adversely affected. It will be extremely difficult for you to rebound a credit rating that was non-existent and is now bad.

Developing Credit With No Credit
Establishing credit is very important. The longer you wait in life, the harder it is going to be for you to do so in the future. Read more...

Building Credit
One of the best means for building credit when you have no credit is to apply for a secure credit card. Credit card companies want your business, despite your credit history. Read more...

People with no credit need to be aware of advance fee loan scams!

We also have payday loans for those looking to borrow smaller amounts for a short-term. 

No Credit to Good Credit




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