Are you looking to get rid of a wedding band after a bitter divorce? Or maybe you are going through some hard times and need some cash. No matter what your end-goal is, do your research before visiting the pawn shop to ensure you get the best value for your item.

Obtain an appraisal
Prior to visiting a pawn shop, find out how much your item is worth by getting an appraisal by an experienced expert. So, if you are pawning your wedding band, visit a few jewelers. You may even want to ask these jewelers if they would be willing to buy the ring from you.

Visit E-bay
People sell everything on E-bay. Research to learn how much comparable items are being auctioned for. You still may choose a pawn shop for getting rid of your item, but E-bay will allow you get a firm grasp as to what the market is.

Check out multiple pawn shop before settling on one
Don't engage in conversation the instant you walk through the door. Check out the merchandise they are offering. See if you can find items similar to what you are looking to pawn. So, if you are looking to pawn your old wedding band, visit the jewelry department and price out the rings they have on display. This will help you get a solid understanding of the current market. Once you communicate with a pawn show employee and request a price, behave in a non-committal manner...regardless if you are excited about the price being offered. Instead, say 'thank you' and exit the premises. Repeat the same course of action with at least four additional pawn stores. Doing so will allow you get some serious price comparison for your item.

Obtain recommendations
Protect yourself and find out if the pawn shop you are thinking about working with is reputable. You can visit the National Pawn Brokers Association and find out if their business is in good standing. You don't want to go back to pay off your loan to learn that the store has either gone out of business or 'lost' your ring. Also, check out your state's BBB.

No harm in letting the lower offering pawn shops the higher price you were offered. Sometimes you'll get low-balled off the bat and if you have a high demand item, there will be room for you to get more. It is very common for pawn shops to start low in price and work up. They don't want to give you all the money away off the bat.

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