In this section of our site, we explore various information that will not only help educate you about payday loans, but also enable you to make smart decisions when considering applying for a payday loan.

First, we examine the steps to take to ensure you get the best payday loan. Then we offer application tips.

1- Finding Your Loan - There are two types of payday loan sources online: direct lenders like Cash Net USA and Payday One and loan matching services like us! It is wiser to utilize a loan matching service since they are typically hooked up with over one hundred lenders. Applying with a direct lender only shows your application to that one lender. If you get denied by one lender, you will likely get denied for any additional request with any source as detailed in tip '4'.

As indicated, Choice Personal Loans is a loan matching service that will get you the cash you need with no credit check. Simply apply for a payday loan and let us drill through our lenders and find you a loan with great rates and terms. Since we have so many different lenders, the likelihood of achieving an approval is very high.

2- Make Sure the Site You Are Using Is Secure! - Make sure any site that you are entering sensitive information on is secure. First, check the address in the browser. It should always start with an https:// and not http. The 's' stand for secure. In addition, check the bottom of your browser and make sure that their is a little lock in the corner. If that lock is not closed, the site is not secure. If it is closed, the site IS secure. Never apply for any sort of loan at an unsecure site. You are opening yourself up to becoming a victim of identity theft.

3- Advance Fee Loan Scams - Never do business with any company that is requesting money up-front in order to obtain a loan. There are many of these types of sites out there scamming on the non-expecting. They are never legitimate. Not only won't you get your loan, you run the risk of them using your personal information for identity theft. Learn more about these types of scams.

4- Submitting Multiple Requests -  Your credit report won't be checked or effected when you apply for a payday loan. However, payday loan lenders do use a different system of credit checking. They use services like CL Verify, Teletrack, and DataX to verify your identity and to see if you have applied for a payday loan in the past. Therefore, applying for a loan at multiple websites may be a waste of time if you were already denied. As stated in tip 1, if you apply with a loan matching service like ours, your application will be exposed to almost every payday lender available. We will get you the cash you need with one application. APPLY NOW! or learn more about the payday loans we offer.

5- Executing the Online Documents -  You will need to execute your loan documents online once you have been approved. This is called the 'e-signature'. When doing so, your IP address will be stored. It is also likely that you will be required to input your SSN again as part of the verification process. Before you put your e-signature on anything, review the loan documents to make sure that the loan is the same as what was offered to you.

6- Contacting Your Lender - Before you close out your browser, make sure you write down all of the contact information for your lender. This includes addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. You want to be certain that you have all the info you need in the event that you need to communicate with your lender about anything related to your loan.

As mentioned, Choice Personal Loans is one of the premier loan matching service providers for payday loans. We work closely with all of our applicants to ensure that they get the best payday loans for their needs and budget. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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