Selecting to obtain a plastic surgery procedure is a huge, life altering choice. Choosing the right plastic surgeon for your wants is probably going to be an even more tense decision for you. There are many plastic surgery trends developing. Ask any potential doctor if they are up on these trends.

Look Far and Wide
During your research for a doctor for your cosmetic procedure don't limit yourself to only the plastic surgeons in your immediate area where you live. This means even flying to another state if necessary. At the minimum, we suggest looking within a 250 mile radius from your area of residence. Utilize as many resources as you can including but not limited to the Internet and phone books. You should also communicate with friends and family and see if they can recommend a plastic surgeon or know someone that has recently had some work done that you can talk to.

Do Lots of Research
As mentioned above, talk with family and friends who have experience with a cosmetic surgeon and also inquire if they know anyone that may have had some plastic surgery. This can and should include recommendations as a result of a non-cosmetic operation, like a reconstructive procedure as a result of an auto accident. Typically, if a cosmetic surgeon is able to offer great results for a reconstructive procedure, you can anticipate them to be able to provide the same abilities for a plastic surgery operation. You should also contact your local hospitals and ask for referrals.

Examine Qualifications
Once you have narrowed your search down to 3-4 plastic surgeons, you should begin checking their credentials. Visit the American Board of Plastic Surgery website and find out if your perspective doctors are certified. At the ABPS website you can also find out what school they went to and where they performed their residencies.

Develop Your Own Opinion
Once your narrow your list of perspective surgeons, create your own, unbiased opinion. That means visit their website and examine pictures of their practice. Does it look clean? Modern? Professional? Their website should also include before and after pictures. Any good doctor is going to include examples of their work on their website. As soon you get a solid grasp of how these doctors choose to represent themselves and their practices online, narrow your list down even more.

Get Some Free Consultations
Ask all your questions that you have regarding your plastic surgery procedure during your free consultations.  A good idea would be to make a list of questions you want to ask before going for your consultation. This way you don't have to worry about forgetting any questions you need answers for. Ask to view more before and after pictures that are specific for your type of operation. If you are going to be going to more than one doctor for a free consultation, make sure you take notes during and right after your visit so that you have a solid understanding of who is who. This will help you form a final decision.

Relax and Absorb
Don't make your final decision the same day of your last consultation. Take a few days off to absorb your visits. During your days of resting, go over your notes and think about your experiences with each of the surgeons. Now, you should be confident with making a final decision.

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