Plastic surgery has become very popular in recent years. As a result, doctors are developing all sorts of innovative means for altering ones appearance. Below are a few plastic surgery trends worth mentioning. If you are considering plastic surgery, make sure you do your research when choosing a plastic surgeon.

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Ideal Implants
The most common type of plastic surgery performed every year in the United States are boob jobs. However, women opting to receive breast enlargement have had to deal with the issue of choosing silicone or saline for their implants. Even though there is no direct evidence, it is widely believed by many scientists and doctors that silicone implants are not safe and will eventually lead to health issues. On the other hand, saline implants have been proven to be extremely hazard free, even if they rupture and seep out into the body. However, saline implants do not have the same natural feeling as silicone. In the past year or so, a new implant has been developed called Ideal Implants. These implants are supposed to be a fusion of silicone and saline, giving women the comfort of being safe from silicone poisoning while getting the benefit of the naturalness saline offers.

Smaller Breast Implants
While on the topic of breast implants, it is worth mentioning that the thinking of going as big as possible is nowhere as near as prominent as it once was. Nowadays, women are utilizing smaller, more proportional implants as opposed to pushing it to the limit of unnatural looking breasts. It has also become common for women that initially got tremendous implants to go back under the knife and have their breasts reduced with the insertion of smaller implants.

Fat Grafting
Unfortunately, even with exercise, our bodies don't always do what we want them to. We are too flabby in some areas and too flat in others. The plastic surgery method of 'fat grafting' allows candidates to eliminate extra from one region and utilize it for naturally beautifying another area of their body. For example, it is common for people to remove excess fat from their mid-sections and add it to their butts. Fat grafting is a very simple method for achieving the look you desire devoid of using something synthetic.

Stem Cells
In Europe, the use of stem cells have become popular for bringing back that young-look and glow in your face. Doctors will take fat cells and mix them with stem cells and then inject them into your desired area of treatment. The stem cells will then renew into new cells. Typically, stem cells will be injected into your face; transforming your old skin cells into new ones with the end result being younger, tighter skin. As mentioned, this type of plastic surgery procedure is currently only available in Europe. However, we are sure it will hit the United States within the next few years.

Hi-Tech Methods For Removing Fat
The original means for removing fat from the human body is liposuction. It is a proven means for losing fat/weight without exercise or diet. However, the process of liposuction includes invasive injections and significant pain.

With the advancement of technology, new means for fat removal are being developed. For example, a new method called 'Zerona' laser fat removal utilizes a tiny, extremely accurate laser for targeting desired areas of fat removal.

Another method of fat removal that will be replacing liposuction in the future is called 'Coolsculpting'. With this technique, your fat cells are cooled to a point where they naturally die without damaging any surrounding cells.

Mommy Makeovers
After giving birth, women's bodies are transformed into something that they are not happy with. Their boobs are deflated, bellies flabby and/or generally overweight in areas they never were before. As a result, many plastic surgeons offer 'mommy makeover' deals for clients. The goal of a mommy makeover is get mothers their before baby bodies back. Included surgeries are breast augmentation, liposuction and tummy tucks. A Brazilian butt lift is also commonly added to a mommy makeover procedure.

We understand the frustration women face with their bodies and general self-esteem after having a baby. The cost of a mommy makeover is expensive and out of reach for many. We offer affordable mommy makeover loans for those with good and bad credit.




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