Millions of American have bad credit and wish their credit scores were higher. Consumers have three options for improving their credit: they can fix their credit on their own, opt to pay a company to help them or they can wait seven years for the negative items to fall off their reports.

Using a credit repair company is advantageous. These companies know the laws and know what to do to get negative information removed from your credit report. The fees associated are typically $30-50/month and will depend on the degree of severity of your situation. The cost is definitely worth the benefits of having an improved credit score.

***We now offer a credit repair service that will help you remove negative and/or outdated/erroneous information from your credit report and help raise your score as much as 200 points in as little as 60 days! Learn more about our credit repair services!

What is credit repair and what are my rights?
When on trial in the United States court system for a crime, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. On the other hand, in the credit system, you are likely going to feel guilty until you can prove/establish that you are innocent.

Fortunately, by law you are allowed to dispute any information listed on your credit report that you deem inaccurate, erroneous, outdated, incomplete, etc.. If a bureau can not verify the accuracy of the item that is being disputed, then they are required by law to remove it from your credit file.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) permits you to have accurate information listed on your credit report. Use that right by having your uncertain credit items either confirmed as correct or removed from your credit reports consistent with the law.

Why should I hire a firm to help me repair my credit?
Whenever you are dealing with something as critical and sensitive as credit scores and reports, you need to be extremely wary who you trust in helping you. Whose services you decide to utilize can have a significant impact on the the end result of your case.

When considering the trust factor, there really is no wiser place to turn to than a law firm. No matter what type of law they practice, every attorney in the United is bound by rules of ethics and are required to act with complete veracity. Attorneys are accountable for looking after their clients' best interest and are obligated to utilize every process possible to gain favorable results.

You want to have a lawyer on your side that is going to be your advocate, 100% of the time; making you feel like you are their only client when they probably have hundreds more. You want to feel like they care about your personal situation and are going to do whatever is needed in order to help you achieve your financial  and credit goals.

Why should I act now?
In today's economy, getting approved for a loan is difficult even for those with good credit. Therefore, having a strong credit score has never been more important. Besides, the only other alternative is to wait seven years for the credit issue to go away.

You have a huge amount of rights when it comes to improving your credit and score, but in order to make the system work for you, you need to be proactive. Learn more about how we can help you improve your credit score.

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