If you are looking to save money, we have put together some tips below that will dramatically assist you. In addition to these tips, you should consider depositing a portion of every paycheck into a savings account. That money will grow nicely, quickly. Get info on how to survive tough economic times

- Are you a smoker? Have you ever added up weekly, monthly and yearly costs of cigarettes? If you smoke a pack/day, that is somewhere around $4-5/day. That equates to about $1,900/year! That's a lot of money to be spending on a vice that will eventually kill you! 

- When shopping for clothes for you and your family, try and buy second-hand. According to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics and their Consumer Expenditure Survey, the average American spends close to $2,000/year on clothes and basic upkeep. If you buy used clothes from Ebay and/or your local consignment shops, you can cut that cost by at least half. $1,000/year saved!

- Have a garage sale. Any clothes that have not been worn in six months should be sold. The same goes for all toys, electronics, etc.. Bottom line, if it has not been worn or used in six months or more, sell it! How much money you earn from your garage sale to put into savings will obviously depend on how much stuff you sell. Don't forget, another man's junk is another man's gold! 

- If you are having problems paying your mortgage, and are contemplating downgrading and moving to a smaller house, consider the cost of the move. It can cost thousands of dollars to move. Are you really going to be saving that much money? Have you ever thought about renting one of the spare rooms in your home? If you live in a metropolitan area, you are likely going to be able to get at least $400/month from a renter. That's almost $5,000/year into savings! 

- Alter your driving routines. That means getting involved in a carpool or using public transportation. People don't realize how much money they will save only until they share their driving costs with others.

- Avoid going out to eat! Did you know that the average consumer spends close to $2,500/year eating out! Even if you are able to cut that cost in half you will be saving over $1,000/year! WOW! Learn how to save on groceries.

- Get rid of your credit cards! Establish an emergency fund for those unanticipated costs. Doing so will enable you to borrow from yourself. 

If you follow the advice above, you can expect to save a significant amount of money every month and year....close to $10,000/annually! If you invest that money you can expect a return of 10% (based on historical rates). That money will compound very quickly! 

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