Wouldn't it be nice if you can ensure that clothes you buy your children would remain in good condition and undamaged up until it came time to accommodate their growth and buy a bigger size? You can! At the very least up until you child becomes a pre-teen. Sears has a program called KidVantage. KidVantage is easy to enroll into and offers savings of 15% on all new clothing purchases and replacements for clothes purchased at Sears that wear our prior to your child needing a larger size.

Replacement Clothes
You can get replacements items via KidVantage for boys shoes up to size 6 and girls shoes up to kids size 4 and replacement items for kids clothing up to size 20. All you need is the original receipt from purchase. It does not matter who made the purchase, Sears will replace it.

Discounts on Children's Clothing
KidVantage offers a 15% discount for every $100 spent...even if you are buying items on sale or clearance! That is amazing since most stores only offer discounts on non-sale items! You can really end up saving a great deal of money as a KidVantage member. And the greatest aspect of KidVantage is that it is free to enroll! The only info required for enrollment is your name, phone and email address. Once you are a member, your membership info is in Sears' system. That means you don't even have to tell the cashier you are a member. Discounts will automatically be granted. You will receive a $15 coupon for every $100 you spend. So, if you spend $200, you will receive $30 in coupons!

KidVantage is not only for parents. It is for everybody! So, if you are a grandparent or an aunt, you can reap the benefits of being a KidVantage member.

Save Those Receipts!
The most important thing you will need to do as a member of KidsVantage is save your receipts. In order to receive a replacement in the even that your kid's clothing gets worn out, you will need the receipt from the original purchase. Sears will exchange the old item of clothing for a new item of equal value, in the same size. And if you like to dress your kids in brand names, Sears carries OskKosh, Polo, Levi's and more!

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