You can find a coupon for almost everything you do (amusement parks, bowling, movies, etc.) and everything you buy (electronics, food, clothes). The trick to getting the best, money saving coupons is to know where to look for them. Below are some tips that will help you regularly locate coupons that will save you money daily. Daily savings = monthly savings - annual savings!

Tip 1:
Always look in your Sunday newspaper! There you will find the best coupons for department stores and groceries. In addition, you will likely be able to find coupons for dining at local restaurants as well as coupons for going to the movies, bowling, etc..

Tip 2:
Whenever you are shopping at the grocery store, be on the lookout for in-store coupons. Keep an eye out for those 'take-one' dispensers, coupon boxes and the 'peelies' that are stuck to products that offer 'instant rebates'. Don't forget to check the back of your receipt for coupons! Read more about saving on groceries.

Tip 3:
If you are online, visit manufacturer websites and sign-up to receive coupons via direct mail and email. You should also register for manufacturer newsletters if available. You will likely find great coupons that are only going to be available in those newsletters.

Tip 4:
Get a group of friends together and start a coupon exchange. You and your friends should look to make this group as large as you can. Determine what everyone's needs and opposing needs are. A coupon exchange will allow you to obtain more coupons for products that you need in exchange for coupons for products you don't need.

Tip 5:
Visit online sites to obtain item specific coupons. But, make sure that these coupons will also be accepted at the physical store if you are planning on making a purchase at the store.

Tip 6:
Check items for coupons other than those that offer instant rebates. It is very common for products to offer 'mail-in rebates' to entice you to buy.

Tip 7:
Visit websites like and These sites work with many different merchants and act as a coupon portal for consumers; offering thousands of free coupons.

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