With the current state of the economy, families are looking to save money any way they can. Changing the way you spend money on groceries takes a lot of planning and discipline but will save lower monthly expenses on food. Outlined below are tips that will help you cut back your grocery costs significantly. If you have any tips you would like to share, please contact us.

- Don't bring your kids shopping with you. They tend to have impact on buying things that are not on your list.
- Create a budget and don't sway from it.
- Go to the store less frequently and buy more instead of going every week.
- Make you don't go shopping on an empty stomach.
- Plan your meals for the month before you go shopping.
- Look thoroughly through your fridge, pantry, etc. to make sure you are not buying what you don't need.
- Create a continuous list of stuff you need. And don't forget this list when you go to the store.
- Try the store brands. Some are not as bad as you may think.
- Look for deals.
- Look for coupons in the newspapers.
- Pick up the store's weekly circular.
- Check the store's website for coupons that you can print out. They may have coupons that are available online only. A good idea would be to visit sites like Coupon Mom and Grocery Coupon Guide and look for coupons.
- Ask the store manager if they ever have 'double coupon' days.
- Be aware of pricing so you can easily spot a good deal.
- If you find items on sale, stock up only if it makes sense.
- Make sure to get a 'rain check' if an item on sale is out of stock.
- Shop at multiple stores to get multiple deals.
- Request you store of preference to price match their competition.
- Don't buy paper towels, toilet paper and other non-grocery items that can be purchased at stores like Target and Walmart for less.
- Buy an additional freezer so that you can buy meats in bulk.
- Check out your local farmer's market.
- Stop buying soft drinks and drink water instead.
- Check your receipts for errors and make sure all coupons are credited.
- Utilize rebates.

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