Being able to cuts costs on a purchase here and there is great, however significant savings will be accomplished if you can reduce your monthly expenses. Give it some thought. Cutting monthly bills is equivocal to making twelve purchases annually at a lower price! This enables you to instantly start focusing on using the money you are saving on paying down debt, putting away for retirement, and increasing your emergency fund. There are lots of ways you can find money for savings for an emergency fund. Learn more.

Below are some ideas for cutting your expenses.

Using the Internet for TV
The cost for a cable or satellite provider is very expensive with plans ranging from $50-200/month depending on how many channels you prefer. There really is no need to pay this type of money just so you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Nowadays, the new TVs are internet ready. There are online services like HULU that allow consumers to watch all the most recent sitcoms and shows and even past shows as well as new and old movies for a small monthly fee (as of 1/2012 HULU is costing $7.99/month). In addition to HULU, you can watch past programming on almost all of the major Networks' websites. Networks will run an entire season's worth of a show's episodes with the exception of the most current. The most current will usually air a week after it being 'new'. And if you are worried about not being able to watch live sports, you don't have to! ESPN carries many games live as does each sports' website (NHL, MLB, NFL, etc.).

Being able to save on the cost of watching television is going to be substantial. In addition, being able to watch your shows and movies online opens the opportunity of being able to watch when you want!

Refinancing Your Home's Mortgage
The interest rates associated with mortgages are currently very low. So, if you own a home, have decent credit and equity, explore your refinancing options. If you are able to refinance where the end result are savings, go for it! The process of refinancing your home will take some due diligence on your part as well as time, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars every month.

Reducing Credit Card Debt and/or Costs
You can utilize the money you receive from a home mortgage refinance for paying off credit card debt. Since interest rates associated with credit cards are typically higher than mortgages, it will make sense for you to pay off/down your credit card debt from your mortgage savings.

If your credit card interest rates are resulting in you not being able to pay down your credit cards as fast as you would like, consider utilizing a balance transfer over to another card...obviously one with more favorable rates and terms. Google offers a comprehensive comparison of the top balance transfer credit cards online. Check it out here.

Reducing Your Home Phone
There are so many phone carriers nowadays that offer services comparable to the bigger companies at much more affordable rates. Check out for finding out what phone carriers are available in your area and for what price. It has also become pretty common for people living in high cell phone coverage areas to cancel their home phones and just use their cells. But, if you don't have 100% service in your home, don't cancel your landline. What will you do in the event of an emergency if your cell is not working! 

Reducing Internet Costs
If you are using a different carrier for your home phone, cable and Internet, contact each and see if you can obtain a bundle package for all three. Carriers want your service and will likely offer you an amazing deal if you commit to being a customer of all three with them for a year or longer.

Reducing Car Insurance Costs
The easiest, quickest way to lower your monthly car insurance bill is going to be to increase your deductible. You should be able to reduce your bill by 20% or more just by increasing your deductible from $250 to $1000! Another means for lowering your auto insurance is to shop around! Get quotes from multiple sources. This is really smart especially if you have not done any comparison insurance shopping in a long time. Your current carrier wants to make as much money as possible off you and therefore will not offer you lower rates unless you ask! If you had tickets and/or accidents under your belt when you enrolled  with your current carrier, your rates were probably higher than they should be now. So, if that was several years ago, those tickets and accidents should have 'fallen off' your insurance record which would mean lower rates for you now! 

Utilize Coupons
Couponing can be fun! If you are really into it, you can end up paying significant money not only when you go to the supermarket shopping for groceries and food, but also for almost everything you need to buy! And if you like to eat out, check out sites like for great deals at your favorite restaurants. In addition, it is very common for restaurants to offer deals where you pay $75 for a $100 gift certificate.

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