The current state of the economy has made it difficult for people to pay for the most basic necessitates for survival (gas, food, clothes, etc.). As a result, adopting a new pet is not even on the radar for most families. And those that already own a pet can benefit from the tips below on how to save on pet care.

One of the most important aspects to smart pet care is sensible buying accompanied with prevention. Prevention means maintaining healthy animals and as a result being able to steer clear of costly vet bills and even more expensive...operations.

Maintaining Healthy Weight
Assist your animal in sustaining a healthy weight. Excess pounds will likely eventually result in issues like diabetes, arthritis and/or cancer. That means not overfeeding your pet and making sure they get exercise. Don't leave your pet's food dish out all day. Establish a morning and evening feeding time. And minimize the treats. Also, you should try and get your pet outside for fresh air and exercise. If this is not possible, then play with your pet for at least ten minutes/day.

Perform Regular Grooming Yourself
Having your pet groomed by a professional is expensive. Do it yourself! If you don't know how to, there are plenty of websites like Pet Grooming Tips and books you can buy that will educate on how to properly groom your animal.

Brush Their Teeth
Dental care is very expensive and is totally avoidable! If you can, brush your pet's teeth regularly. The easiest way to do this is to start doing this when your pet is a baby. This way they will get used to you harassing them :) and won't give you a hard time when they are older.

Secure Your Pet
It is important that you pet-safe your house. That means making sure all of the plants are not poisonous and are OK if they are eaten by an animal. In addition, do not let your pet roam around outside freely. Eliminate the chance of your pet running off or even worse, getting hit by a car. So, while walking your pet, have them on a leash. And if they are hanging out outside in the yard, make sure there is no way that they can escape.

Don't Skip Out Of Routine Vet Visits
When you get your pet's appointment reminder postcard in the mail, don't ignore it. Call and make an appointment. These regular visits can help identify potential life threatening issues early, prior to them evolving. In the event that your pet needs medicine, request that your vet provide you with a prescription as opposed to buying the medicine from their office. This way, you can locate the best deal either online or at another veterinary clinic. 

Don't Buy Stuff You Don't Need
For example, your dog may look cute wearing fancy, designer canine outfits. However, they are expensive and not practical at all.

When it comes to food, buy in bulk. Buying in bulk will save you significant money. Purchasing an airtight container will ensure that the food stays fresh.

Consider Pet Insurance
Pet insurance is not expensive. However, there are many different plans so do your research prior to purchasing. Also, make sure your vet participates in any plan you are considering enrolling in. Learn more about pet insurance from

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