A huge problem people have with controlling their financial situation is understanding where the money goes. Look over your bank and credit card statements and see how much you have spent on clothes and restaurants. You may be shocked at the number. Identifying areas where spending is out of control is the first step to regaining control and begin prioritizing spending habits. Most importantly, analyze and understand your spending habits.

Maintain a Budget
This should be the most simple step for putting your finances in order. No budget = no plan for how your money will be spent. No plan means you will not have little control/input over the business of your money. A strong budget is like grounding your can't go anywhere without your permission.

Maintain a Journal to Detail/Outline Your Spending
Most people use their credit cards for all purchases. Which equates to tracking credit card spending by either throwing the receipt in your wallet or into the trash. Not very good tactics. If you pay by check, you can balance your check book and know exactly how much is being spent and where it is going. Giving yourself an allowance of cash to use is really the best route. Regardless of which spending method you use, keep a small journey book with you at all times and write down purchases and the amount being spent. This will allow you to keep an organized, detailed record of where your money is going and identify where you may need to make changes to spending habits.

Keep a Ledger
Commonly known as a checkbook register. The program Quicken is a very popular program and easy to use. A good idea would be sit down at least one/month, even twice/month with all the receipts from all of your purchases and detail every transaction. Detail every purchase and note when checks clear and most importantly make sure the numbers match up. This will allow you to not only review spending habits but also pinpoint any errors of spending that need to be adjusted as well as any issues/errors with your banking that need to be fixed.








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