If you are wishing you could take a trip but are convinced you can't afford it, think again. The fact that you have access to the internet makes planning a trip easy. You can find all the information you need online. Where should you begin?

First, narrow down the kind of vacation you want to take. Do you want to sightsee or do you want to relax on a beach? I am sure your friends and relatives have shared their travel experiences. They can help you decide where you might want to go.

Second, decide when you want to travel. This is key because you will have to consider the weather at the time of year you will be visiting. Be aware that you can often get a real bargain by traveling off season. For example, people visit the coast of North Carolina in April. The season officially starts May 1. The weather is gorgeous at the end of April and you can save a good deal of money going off season.

Knowing the weather will help you to pack well. On vacation, less is more. Try and find clothing that doesn't wrinkle and that is versatile so that you can take the least amount of clothing. You can save money by keeping your luggage light and minimal.

Next, go online and start your research. You can google things like BEST BEACHES IN MIAMI or BEACH VACATION ARUBA or BEST SNORKELING IN AUSTRALIA or VISITING ROME. Doing this will give you an enormous amount of material to read. Details about places around the world or right here in the US will allow you to make an informed choice for your trip. Once you make your decision about the destination, then you can get more specific information.

You will want to find housing that is within your budget. There is something out there for every traveler. The choices range from luxury hotels to more affordable ones. There are motels for less money which also range in price. You can rent a house and cook for yourself. If you share a house with friends or family, this brings down your cost tremendously. 

Will you be driving or flying? Is the drive part of your vacation? Plan your route ahead of time. You may not want to count only on a navigator, because we all have stories of being taken out of our way by that sweet GPS voice. Use the internet with sights such as MapQuest. Print out the maps and directions to make sure you will get where you want to go. If you will be flying, go online to compare ticket prices. Often you can save money by booking online. On the other hand, the internet will provide you with phone numbers to call the experts for help. Since you have done your homework, you will know the questions to ask.

Sometimes there are special offers for booking a particular hotel and airline together. They might even include a rental car or guided sightseeing. By taking a combination of travel items in a bundle, you can definitely save money.

Life is unpredictable. You can protect yourself from emergencies that might pop up and prevent you from taking this trip. Search online for travel insurance. It is not expensive but a wise purchase. It is a small price to pay to insure you won't lose the money you have already laid out for your trip.

Have a great time!

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