Adopting a baby can be a long, difficult process. Below are some tips to help you with the process. You can also learn if adoption is right for you.

Avoid Adoption Scams
Don't waste your time with any person that has no intention of allowing you to adopt their baby. A good idea would be to join an online adoption support group where members discuss being scammed and help others avoid becoming a victim. One of the more popular adoption scam prevention groups is over @ Yahoo Groups. It is called 'Adoption Scams and Unethical Treatment' and can be found here.

Enlist With a Few Referral Services
Do some research and register with four or five adoption referral services. Make sure that any agency you enroll with has referrals for you to contact to ensure the legitimacy of their business. Referral companies do not charge any fees upfront. You will only incur a cost to use their service if they actually match you with a baby for an adoption and the adoption is finalized.

Make Sure You Have the Money For Your Adoption Ready
Before you start the process of looking to adopt a baby make sure you have your finances ready to cover all expenses involved. This way, when you get that phone call that an emergency placement is needed, you will be ready to become a parent at that instant. If you are unable to save the money needed, consider applying for an adoption loan. We offer programs for every credit type and budget. The interest associated with our adoption loans only begin to incur charges when the money is put to use. Learn more about the costs of adopting.

Communicate With Friends and Family
Let everyone in your life know that you are looking to adopt. It is possible someone may know someone that is involved with an unplanned pregnancy and are looking to give there baby up for adoption. A good idea would be to not only speak with friends and family but also with your family practitioner, lawyer, OBGYN and religious leader. One of them may know someone looking for help.

Create a Facebook Page
Develop a free Facebook page with your adoption desires. Make sure to incorporate some info about yourself along with pictures of your family as well as means of getting in touch with you.

Have Your Cell Phone With You At All Times
Give the same number to every adoption referral service, advertisement and person you express your desire to adopt to. Make sure this phone is fully charged and on at all times. You don't know when that important call is going to come in and you definitely do not want to miss it. A good idea would be to touch base with all parties every few weeks to inform them that you are still in the market for adopting a baby.

Educate Yourself About Prenatal Exposures
This means learning about what potential short and long-term effects a baby born addicted to different drugs, alcohol or HIV will have. This will help you with your decision process as to what you are willing to accept.

Pros and Cons of Adoption





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