The cost associated with adopting is not cheap and can run up to ten thousand dollars or even more depending. We offer good and bad credit adoption loans to help with financing your dream of expanding your family. Outlined below are some of the more common costs associated with the adopting process.

Home studies
When considering adoption, by law you are going to be required to participate in a home study. The purpose of a home study is to evaluate the family and see if they are a good fit for adoption; specifically financially, age, other children, etc. And then to match them with a perspective child whose needs the family can satisfy.

Another part of the home study cost are criminal clearances. Criminal checks will include the utilization of your fingerprints for clearance of: child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault. You prints will also be run against the database of your local State Police as well as the FBI. 

A home study will also help educate the adopting family about the adoption process (read the article 'is adoption right for me?'. The cost associated with a home study can be as little as a few hundred to as much as several thousand and will depend on the agency you are working with. It is also very common to be charged a fee for alterations to your home study as well as for updates. Since family situations can change dramatically at any given time, home study updates are required by law every two years.

Parent Preparation Classes
It is required by most states that any family looking to adopt a child complete a class that is designed to prepare them for parenthood. It is possible that there is no fee associated with these classes or the fee may be included with the home study.

You are going to have to pay for all costs associated with pre-placement visits if the child your are interested in adopting lives in a different state than you or lives any significant distance in the same state you reside.

Supervision Post Placement
A social worker is going to be required to supervise the time during which the child comes to reside with you, before the adoption is final. There is a fee associated with this service. It is possible that this cost will be included with the agency's total fees or it may be a separate expense.

Legal Costs
There are two main legal fees associated with an adoption; attorney fees and the costs of the courts. An attorney is going to be needed to make any adoption complete. They will represent you in the courts and review and file all legal documents relevant to your adoption.

The adoptive family is going to be responsible for the court fees associated with filing all paperwork related to the adoption. In addition, there will be costs for any documents obtained produced by the courts, i.e. an altered certificate of birth and/or an adoption decree.  

Unexpected / Miscellaneous Costs
The costs above are going to be associated with any adoption done in the United States and are the most basic. However, there will be some miscellaneous costs that you are going to experience during your process. Some of these costs may include:
- getting a medical exam (needed for a home study)
- all travel expenses for yourself (to and from adoption agency, etc.)
- salary lost as a result of having to take off time for home studies and/or visiting the child
- documents for yourself (birth certificate, etc.)

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