Work-related expenses can destroy your budget. Here are some good ideas that will help you save:

  • Brown bag your lunch! If you save $6/day by bringing lunch to work you will save a great deal of money annually.

  • Buy clothes on sale. You can always find good deals on men's and women's suits. They don't have to be designer brands to look good.

  • Save on dry cleaning. If you can try to avoid dry cleaning your suits after every time you wear them. Also, shop around and try to find a cleaner that is cheaper than your current one.

  • Use mass transit to get to work. Taking the bus or train is always going to be cheaper than driving (gas, tolls, etc..) and parking.

  • Brown bag snacks. You will save a great deal of money every year if you bring your own snack to work instead of buying the $3 muffin everyday.

Each of the above savings alone may be miniscule, but when you add them together, they can make a big dent in your expenditures. The money you save from work-related expenses can be used to pay off debt.

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