There are several things you can do to make sure you use your credit cards wisely. People with poor credit can get some bad credit card tips.

Pay the bill in full every month
This is the most important rule to abide by. Every time you let your bill go, you are paying more money in interest. If you can't afford to pay for it, then you should not be charging it. But, a credit report secret is that your credit card debt will reflect the same if you pay it in full or carry a balance for a month.

Pay your bill on time
If you can not afford to pay the balance, make sure you pay at least the minimum on time very month. If you do not, you are risking having negative marks placed on your credit report as well as higher interest rates being assigned to your account.

**Get more general bill paying tips.

Borrow when it costs nothing
You can charge something at the right time of the month and end up not having to pay for it for almost two months.

Budget for an emergency
It is always smart to have money aside for a rainy day. You want to have this money available to pay off your credit card that is used for emergency purposes. Suppose your car beaks down and you pay the mechanic $2000 with your credit card. If you put the rainy day money aside, you can easily pay the bill.

Budget for pleasure
When you travel, having a credit card is a necessary. Make sure you have a money aside at home to pay off your travel expenses.

Cancel old cards
There is no need to have unused credit card accounts open. If you do not use the cards, and the balance is paid off, close the account.

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