Sustaining a strong FICO score is very important. In order to achieve this, you must make sure that your credit report is accurate free of erroneous information. In order to eliminate any errors, you must first get a copy of your credit report. Once you read your credit report and identify any errors, write a dispute letter to the agency in question. You must attach a copy of your report with your letter. They must investigate and prove in truth that the mark is legitimate. If they can not, it must be eliminated.

If you can prove the mark to be an error, you will have no problem removing the error. For example, if there is negative mark for a bounced check and you have a copy of the cashed check, mail a copy of it in. It is impossible to deny concrete evidence.

Many people abuse the system, trying to get every justified negative mark on their report removed. Therefore, it may take several letters before you get your item removed. Make sure you make copies of all letters you send so that you have proof of your attempt at correspondence.

If an agency refuses to remove a mark you feel should not be there, you have several options:

  • Ask the original creditor to remove the mark

  • File a complaint with your state's Department of Consumer Affairs, Attorney General or with the FTC.

  • Your final choice would be to sue in small claims court.

  • You may want to contact a financial counselor for help.

Once you have removed all errors from your credit report, make sure you obtain a copy of your credit profile every year. This will allow you to make sure that the information being reported on you is up-to-date and accurate. If there is bad credit marks, you should be proactive in removing them. Please note that it is important to understand what the hardest credit items to fix are.

**If you have several items that you need to remove from your credit file, you should explore utilizing the services of a credit repair company.

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