Below is a sample dispute letter for you to use when looking to remove information from your credit report that is inaccurate. Make sure you include copies of all proof that you have, i.e. paid off accounts and loans, checks proving timely payments, as well as anything else that may support your claims. It is also a good idea to include the resulting impact you have suffered as a result of this erroneous info. The credit bureaus receive over 20,000 dispute letters daily and will focus their efforts on consumers that have been most wronged.

Your Name
123 Your Street Address
Your City, ST 01234

The Credit Bureau
Bureau Address
Anytown, State 56789


Dear Credit Reporting Agency,

This letter is a formal complaint regarding your reporting of reporting inaccurate credit information on my credit report.

I am very distraught that the information below is being included on your credit profile of me. As a result of this erroneous information, my good credit standing has been seriously effected. The inclusion of this inaccurate data is an error on either your or the reporting creditor's part. As a result of the mistakes on my credit file, I have been denied credit for a <insert loan or credit card type that you were denied> which was extremely discomforting and has impacted my life in a negative manner.

Enclosed is proof <include a copy of check used for payment, an old statement proving a closed account, etc.> which supports my claim.

The information below needs to be verified and removed from my report immediately:

CREDITOR AGENCY, acct. 123-34567-ABC

Please confirm your actions.


sign your name

Print Your Name
SSN# 123-45-6789

It is very important that you provide proof if you have it!

Also, make sure you keep copies of all letters and proof and send your letter via certified/registered mail.

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