A large number of changes have taken place in American society since the '70s. People haven't changed that much, but technology has. We still react to public judgments and, in consequence, many times conduct ourselves foolishly with money as we face increasing forces to squander.

There are a few major incentives that account for changes in spending habits that have occurred over history; of which in recent times have gone through remarkable transform. It used to halt people from going crazy on shopping binges in the past. Since these limitations have loosened, society has become a spectator to a tremendous rise in overspending, resulting in personal debt and bankruptcies.

Below are some of the more common explanations as to why it has become easier to spend:

The energy necessary to get the services or products.
Before: You had to dress, get into your vehicle and drive to the destination.
Now: Consumers can shop online, at any time, for anything.

Availability of services and goods.
Before: Small stores were the only option. Online shopping was not a choice.
Now: With products on shelves from floor to ceiling in superstores and warehouses, almost anything can be bought in any neighborhood. Items can be shipped to you with only a few clicks through your computer.

Help yourself eliminate social barriers.
Before: Interaction with sales people was almost a guarantee when shopping. At times purchases involved stigmas or needed a level of facts or complicatedness that the buyer might not have felt relaxed with. Using a credit card would have been a reason for disapproval attributable to the disgrace of debt.
Now: Using a credit card has become more popular than using cash. There really isn't a shame to any sale these days. Even if a store representative were to critic your purchases, there is no need to speak to them. You only need to hand them the credit card, sign and go.

Time to obtain the goods or services.
Before: Consumers used to have to plan and save money before making large purchases.
Now: Power to get products before you can afford them lessens wait time. You can get almost anything shipped overnight from anywhere.

Ability to purchase or deal.
Before: Customers would put aside items they couldn’t purchase yet through a system called layaway.
Now: Since credit card companies battle for business, the customers’ retail control is virtually limitless.

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