Even though the best practice is to pay your credit card balance in full every month so that you eliminate having to pay any sort of penalties and interest, more often than not doing so is not a choice. This is especially the case when we are short on cash and need to pay for more vital expenses and bills like rent/mortgage, groceries, utilities and gas. During times like this, it is important that you continue to pay your credit card debt, even if it is only the minimum amount due.

Utilize Personal Loans for Eliminating Credit Card Debt
We offer a variety of programs when looking to apply for personal loans for paying off debt. Applying only take about five minutes. APPLY NOW! Once approved, you can receive your cash within a few hours. Bad credit is accepted and financing amounts for personal loans for paying credit card debt range from $100 - $100,000. Approval amounts are going to be determined by several variables with your credit rating/history including your past ability to pay debt, your employment history and how much money you currently earn being a few of the more influential. If you have very bad credit, you may be required to apply with a co-signer and/or some sort of collateral may be required.


Personal Loan Payments vs. Credit Card Payments
There are a number of key advantages of unsecured personal loan installments when compared to credit card payments. To begin, interest rates associated with personal loans for paying credit card debt are significantly lower when compared to credit card APRs. This is especially true if your credit card has an intro rate that is going to expire if it has not done so already. Our current interest rates for personal loans for eliminating debt range from 6.25% - 17.86%. In comparison, credit card interest rates range from 14% to as high as 25%! 

In addition, while paying the minimum on your credit card balance you are going to be paying a variable rate with very little going towards the principal owed. On the other hand, personal loans have fixed rates and will remain unvarying during the life of your loan. In addition, the monthly payments of your personal loan for paying off credit card debt is going to comprise of both interest and principal and therefore will mean you that every month you will be reducing your debt with your payments.

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