Compulsive overspending is a sure way to get in debt. Perhaps you are the overspender, or maybe your spouse is. An overspender is someone who loves to spend money to bring pleasure. Budgeting, saving, and investing are not part of their plan. The spending is such a problem that it gets in the way of paying normal bills. The advancement of technology has resulted in changes in consumer spending habits.

Overspenders may use the spending of money for many different, and not altogether healthy reasons:

  • As a substitute for love

  • As a way to avoid problems at work

  • To avoid intimacy

  • To relieve guilt

  • To feel important

  • To gain power

  • To gain confidence

If you have or someone you know has a problem with overspending, you need to get help, fast and stop overspending. Locating a financial counselor is the first step. Also, check out this site for help with overspending. A good counselor will not only help you eliminate debt but will help identify debt problems before they happen; assisting you with preventing future incidences of debt from occurring.

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