You can get instant delivery of your FREE 2012 credit scores! We have partnered with Score Assist; a trusted provider of credit reports, scores, identity theft protection and credit monitoring services.

How do I get my free credit scores?
You sign up for a free 30 day trial. Once enrolled, you will get instant access to all three of your credit scores. You will also receive daily monitoring of your credit file with all three credit bureaus for signs of identity theft. In addition, alerts of changes to your personal information including credit files, public data and personal information online will be sent to you via email or by text message direct to your cell phone.


During the trial service period, you will be able to stay protected with our state-of-the-art credit monitoring tools. Monitoring your credit equates to improving your overall financial welfare!

Once your 30 day trial expires, you will be billed $14.95 per month thereafter. A small price to pay for clean credit and peace of mind. Please note that you can cancel this service at any time, including before your trial period ends, so that you are never charged a penny for receiving your free credit score and all services described above. Get your free credit scores NOW!

Why is monitoring my credit score important?
Banks, mortgage companies, car dealerships, insurance companies, apartment complexes, realtors, and even employers can determine what kind of risk you are in a matter of minutes by using the FICO® score model that the credit bureaus utilize when determining your score. With your score being so powerful nowadays, it is very important that you keep close tabs on your credit scores.

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