Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the services we offer.

Is there anything I should do before applying?
When was the last time your checked your credit scores? Before applying for either a good or bad credit personal loan, it is important that you get your FREE 2016 credit scores. We can not stress enough how important this is. You want to be 100% certain that your profile does not contain any mistakes and/or is missing current information that can potentially hurt your chances for approval, or the interest rates and terms you obtain. Don't get denied for your loan because of errors! You can get instant access to your FREE 2016 credit scores by clicking here

How much can I borrow?
You can borrow anywhere from $100 to $35,000.

Please note that approved borrowing amounts will depend on credit worthiness.

Do you help people with bad credit get approved for loans?
Yes, we do. We specialize in assisting those with less than perfect credit, no credit and slow get approved for the bad credit loans they need. Negative arrears like divorce, repossession, foreclosure and/or divorce should not prevent you from achieving approval.

You advertise 'Bankruptcy OK!'. What does that mean?
We are able to provide loans to some individuals that have experienced bankruptcy. Approval depends on the particular situation of the applicant. If you would like to learn if we can help you prior to submitting an application, feel free to contact us.

I am a student and have no credit. Can I get approved?
Yes, we help students with no credit or little credit obtain funding.

Do you provide loans for individuals looking to finance a new business?
Yes! Whether you are looking for money for a start-up or to expand your existing business, we can help! Learn more about the small business financing programs we offer!

I am planning a wedding. Can you help me pay for my special day?
YES! We offer a variety of wedding loans that will help you pay for your entire party, or part of it.

I need to buy a new car. Do you offer vehicle financing?
We offer new and used car loans for purchases from dealers or private sellers! Learn more about our auto loan programs.

What kind of interest rates do your loan packages offer?
The interest rate you receive for you loan is going to depend on several variables, specifically your credit rating, the amount you are borrowing and how long you need to re-pay your loan.

How long will I have to pay off my loan?
We will custom tailor a loan package for you, giving you the flexibility of choosing a payment plan that fits your budget.

If you still have questions regarding loans and/or how the service of Choice Personal Loans works, contact us. We also invite you to check out the personal loan guide.

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