Are you considering adopting a child? Are you worried about all of the fees involved? Are you concerned that your bad credit is going to be an issue? Applying for an adoption loan is one way to pay for some or all adoption costs. Choice Personal Loans offers low interest loans for adoption for families that have worn out all of their options for financing and are unable to complete their dreams of becoming a parent without assistance.

Helping Create Happy Families!
Our goal is to boost the number of children that are adopted by providing affordable loans to qualified families to help with the cost associated with adoption. By providing low-interest financing to potential parents, Choice Personal Loans is able to assist in changing a child's future from one lacking any sort of hope to satisfying a dream for them and their new family.


Offering Advice and Help!
We have staff that are trained in the field of adoption that will help you with your process from beginning to end. Simply fill out the adoption loan application. You can receive an instant approval notification within minutes. The terms and rates of your loan will then be finalized. Not only will we get you the money you need, we will be an advocate for you offering answers to any questions that you may have related to your adoption.

The cost of private and agency adoptions can range from $6,000 to $45,000 and up. Final cost will depend on birthmother expenses, travel costs, state requirements, etc.. International adoptions typically cost between $7,500 and $35,000.

There is usually a small up-front fee up front required to be paid. It is very important to note that any person or agency mandating all fees to be paid immediately is likely a scam. When setting up your adoption, determine the payment schedule, and if there are any sliding scale fee in the event that your finances are limited. If you have any questions about financing an adoption or general inquiries about how the adoption process works, please contact us.

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