Have you or a loved one recently been hospitalized because of a medical illness or accident? Are you now experiencing the second shock/blow of expensive medical bills? Even if you have insurance, it is very likely that some of your costs are not going to be eligible for coverage. Don't let these bills go unpaid. Take advantage of our loans for paying medical bills, rescue yourself from debt and prevent your credit from being damaged. APPLY NOW!

Our medical bills loans are affordable and designed to get you the cash you need quick. Fill out the online application, get approved within the hour and have your cash in hand by the end of the day. Upon application submission, one of our loan officers will communicate with your promptly, discuss your rates and terms and get you your money for paying medical bills...completing the entire process within 24 hours.

Why Your Should Apply for a Loan for Paying Medical Bills
If you don't pay your doctor bills or hospital bills, your medical debt will fall into collections. In fact, over 50% of all debts in collections are medical bills. To avoid damaging your credit, it is important that you pay all of these debts timely. Our unsecured loans for paying medical bills offer fixed rates and therefore are better than using a credit card for payment. In addition, we offer medical bills loans for people with bad credit including those with histories of bankruptcy, judgement, liens, etc..


Why Choose Us for Your Medical Bill Loans
We are one of the largest loan-consulting firms in the US. Since 1998 we have helped over 4 million people obtain financing for every need including unsecured loans for medical and doctor bills. BAD CREDIT OK! NO CREDIT OK!

Unpaid Medical Bills Are the #1 Cause of Bankruptcy
Did you know that unpaid medical bills were the leading cause of bankruptcy filings last year. In fact, out of the approximate 630,000 bankruptcy filings in 2009, over 65% were a result of unpaid medical bills. Not being able to pay your medical bills is not your fault. Unless you can predict the future, unforeseen medical costs can not be avoided. A good idea would be to establish an emergency fund for these types of occurrences. However, putting money aside for emergency situations is not realistic...especially for people on tight budgets or for those that are living paycheck-to-paycheck. But, we can help you get rid of debt with affordable personal loans for medical bills.

Dealing with Medical Bills
Tips to Prevent Medical Bills From Becoming Overdue
Negotiate Medical Bills






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