Are you considering becoming one of the thousands of people that are investing money in peer-to-peer lending? In the past year or so, as a result of banks only lending to people with prime credit, person-to-person loans have become very popular while helping stimulate America's economy. Below is information that will help you understand what it is to become a lender for one of the popular peer lending organizations like Prosper and Lending Club.

Becoming a peer-to-peer lender allows you to invest your money into fixed rate loans in a secure and translucent method. Peer lending markets grant opportunities for individuals with less than perfect credit to apply for loans with reasonable, fixed rates and for lenders to invest in their country in a way that is communally and monetarily satisfying.

Peer-to-peer borrowers are typically individuals with poor credit (credit scores of 630 and above) that are looking for lower rates than they would receive from their bank or credit union. Requirements for becoming a lender for these types of loans include: must be a resident of the United States, have an active bank account and be able to transfer money so that you can bid and fund loans.

You have the option of choosing how you would like to invest: bidding on notes or lending directly by satisfying borrowers' requests.

To begin investing, you will be required to register as a member of the servicing company. This enrollment process is easy with you being required to submit some basic info about yourself. You do not have to be or become a licensed lender in order to invest in peer lending.

It is very important that you make smart decisions when lending money for person-to-person loans. That means doing research about the potential borrower by asking them lots of questions about their intent and goals and how they plan on paying back the loan.

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