Below is valuable information related to debt, credit and finance. Reading this information will help you get out of debt and keep future incidences of debt from occurring. We organized the information into categories, making it easy to comprehend. If you have any questions regarding any of the information pages below, contact us.

General Unsecured Loan Info:
Requirements - Learn what is needed for an approval. Criteria are going to be different for each applicant.
Wise Borrower - Important to understand all angles of borrowing.
Loan Tips - Features information that will help you prepare for your financing request.
Shopping for Your Loan - There are things that you need to look out for while in the market for your loan.
Avoiding Loan Scams - Don't fall victim to predatory lending.
Borrowing With Bad Credit - Although the rates you receive may be higher than someone with good credit, it is still possible to get approved for a personal loan with poor credit.
Advice for First Time Borrowers - Understanding what your budget is will allow you to determine what amount and term are right for you.
Obtaining the Most Optimal Rates - Following the advice on this page should help you get the best rates possible for your request.
Getting a Loan Over the Internet - Nowadays, there are many different sources that provide online financing.
Advantages of Personal Loans - Some of the major advantages include lower borrowing amount, no closing costs and instant access to your funds.
Does Refinancing Make Sense - There are many times when refinancing your personal loan is a good idea. However, there are also times when it is not.
Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loans - Friend or foe? Using a loan to pay off debt can be a financial disaster especially for those that have problems being financially responsible.
Dangers of Debt Consolidation Loans - Using a loan to pay off debt can be dangerous. It is often a quick fix that ends up costing you more money in the long-run.
Cheap Personal Loans - Tips to follow that you get the most inexpensive loan for your needs.
Personal Loans for Getting Rid of Bad Credit - An unsecured personal loan is a great means for improving a damaged credit rating.
Compute Payments - Get an idea what you can expect for your loan payment by inputting different borrowing amounts and loan terms.
Advance Fee Loan Scams - Never pay any money up-front for a loan. Read more about how to avoid loan scams and spotting them as well. If you fall victim, learn what to do.
Loan Aspects to Avoid - There are loans that will have terms associated with them that you are going to want to avoid.
What Happens When I Default? - Even though you are not securing your loan with collateral, there are still serious consequences to defaulting on your loan.
Peer-to-Peer Lending - Lending programs that are designed for consumers that are interested in lending money. Investing in P2P loans is not always a good idea since person-to-person loans have problems associated with them.
Bank Loans vs. Online Loans - Overall, applying for an online loan is going to be more convenient and an overall more pleasurable experience. Credit Cards vs. Personal Loans? ---we vote loans!
Pawn Shop Loans - Use collateral to get a no credit check loan. Don't pay and lose the item. Get the Best Price for Your Pawn. The history of pawn shops is interesting.
When Are Personal Loans a Bad Idea? - Loans are not the ideal solutions for all situations.
                -Living Beyond Our Means - Don't borrow for vanity items.
                -Planning a Wedding - Pay for some of your wedding with a loan, not the entire party.
                -Buying Stocks - Investing is a gamble to begin with.

Interest Rates:
Understanding Personal Loan Interest Rates - The interest rates you receive for your loan are going to be determined by three major variables.
Why Are Personal Loan Interest Rates Higher? - No collateral = higher risk = higher interest rates
APR - The annual percentage rate determines the cost of your loan.
Paying Taxes On Personal Loan Interest You Receive When Lending Money to Friends or Family - You are going to be required to pay taxes on any earned revenue from interest.
Factors That Determine Interest Rates - Every applicants interest rate is going to be different.

The Loan Programs We Offer:
Unsecured Loans - Borrowing without collateral is one of the most convenient methods for obtaining fast cash.
Debt Consolidation Loans - If you have excessive debt, you can consolidate by means of a personal loan and save money.
Personal Loans for People with Bad Credit - We offer a variety of financing programs for those that need a second chance.
Loans for Adoption - Make your dreams of being a parent come true!
        - Adoption Tips - Ensure a speedy, hassle free adoption.
        - Is Adoption Right For Me? - Issues that may be a concern for you.
        -Cost to Adopt a Child - Adopting a child can be quite costly.
Small Business Loans - No matter what your intent is, you can get the financing you need to startup a new business or advance an existing one. You should be prepared when considering opening a first, new business.
Buying an Engagement Ring - Proclaim your love for your woman with that special ring.
            -Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring
            -How Much Should I Spend On An Engagement Ring?
Wedding Financing  - Make sure that special day has all of the amenities you and your loved one need and want to make memories that last a lifetime. We'll also teach you how to plan an affordable wedding. Don't be afraid to ask family for help paying for your wedding.
Recreational Vehicles - Whether you are looking for financing for a boat, motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile we will get you the cash you need so that you can enjoy your special hobby.
Christmas Shopping - Get the cash you need to buy the gifts you want for your friends and family.
            -Christmas Shopping Tips - Learn how to Christmas budget, save money, time and stress! Get the best deals for last minute Christmas shopping.
Cars - Programs for new and used car purchases. Buy from a dealer or private seller. Avoid car buying mistakes and obtain tips for getting the best auto loans. You should determine how much to spend on your new car purchase prior to doing any shopping. There are several advantages to buying used. Information on getting auto loans with no credit.
Student Loans - A wide variety of Private loan options for those in college.
Mortgages After Bankruptcy - A second mortgage is great for rebuilding credit.
No Credit Check Loans - Short-term loans designed to help those satisfy short-term needs.
Payday Loans - Short-term loans, also known as cash advances, designed to help satisfy emergency situations.
Signature Financing - Funds received upon our receipt of an execute Activation Letter. What is a signature loan? Are there risks with signature loans.
Personal Loans for People with No Credit - Get the cash you need while building good credit! Learn how to go from no credit to good credit.
Unemployment Loans - Borrowers have limited options when it comes to getting money while having no job. Get help finding a job. Once employed, do what you can to ensure your job is stable.
Computer Loans - Financing for new and refurbished laptops and desktops. Great programs for students! Get some computer buying tips and learn how to save money when buying a computer.
Unsecured Lines of Credit - These types of loans offer a reusable source of financing. Get more info about the pros and cons of a line of credit.
           -What is a Line of Credit?
           -Line of Credit Vs. Credit Cards
           -Line of Credit Vs. Lump Sum
Vacation Loans - Take that well-deserved vacation. Information for locating a cheap vacation deal. Don't become a victim of travel scams. Excellent vacation loan benefits. Plan a trip you can afford.
 Tax Settlement Loans - Obtain relief from the taxes you owe and save money too!
       -Paying Taxes on Tips - How you should report the tips you earn to the IRS.
       -Advice for Paying Income Taxes - Info differentiating between W-4s and W-9s, etc..
       -Tips for Avoiding an Audit - Make sure you file your return properly.
       -What To Do If You Are Audited - Several key steps to take.
Fast Cash Loans - Ideal for short-term needs.
Emergency Cash Loans - When you need extra cash for unexpected emergencies. Also feature emergency personal loans. Eliminate the potential of being in a financial bind by creating an emergency fund. But, doing so will entail learning how to save for in ways you probably have not done in the past.
Loans for Paying Medical Bills - Don't let unexpected medical costs put you in over your head in debt. Negotiate medical bills costs.
Plastic Surgery Loans - Get beautiful.
       -Mommy Makeover Loans - Get your pre-baby body back!
       -Choosing a Plastic Surgeon - Find a reputable doctor that can satisfy your needs.
       -Plastic Surgery Trends - Lots of new innovative procedures.

Instant Decision Loans - Fast cash...
Installment Loans - Loans that offer set payments over the life of the loan.

Lending Money to Family:
Family Loans - Make sure that any loan that is issued does not put any strain on your relationship.
Questions to Ask Yourself - Before you decide to lend money to a relative, you need to ask yourself a few basic questions.
Promissory Notes - A promissory note is an agreement of the terms and re-payment schedule between a lender and borrower.
Borrowing from Family - In the event that you need some extra cash for an unexpected emergency, you should consider asking family to borrow money from.
10 Reasons Not to Lend to Friends - Lending money to friends is not a good idea.
Helping Without Giving Money/Loans - Money is not always the answer for helping those that need assistance financially.
Saying No - Relaying a decline can be hard.

Co-signing a Loan - There are many risks involved with being a loan co-signer. Analyze them all carefully.
Should I Co-Sign a Loan? - Some serious questions you should ask yourself.
Getting a Personal Loan With a Cosigner - Consider finding a cosigner for your loan if you have poor credit.
Co-Signing is a Bad Idea - Rarely is co-signing a good idea.
How To Remove Myself From Being a Cosigner - Your options are limited.

Payday Loans
Best Payday Loans - Practices to follow that will ensure you get the best payday loans.
Application Tips - 5 helpful tips that will help maximize your chances of approval.
Dangers of Payday Loans - These types of loans have very high interest rates associated with them and should be used carefully.
Using Payday Loans Wisely - Tips for smart and effective use of your loan.
When You Shouldn't Use a Payday Loan - Not all circumstances require a the use of a payday loan.
Payday Loan Interest Rates - Interest rates associated with payday loans are typically tripe digit.
When Are Payday Loans a Good Idea? - For paying unanticipated costs.
Benefits of Payday Loans - How will a payday loan be beneficial to you?
Why Is My SSN Needed? - Although no hard pull of your credit is performed with these types of loans, your ssn is needed for verification purposes.

Credit Reports:
Understanding FICO Scores - Derived by Fair Isaac, your credit score is one of the most impacting influences in your life. Educating yourself with info about how credit scores are computed is very important.
The Importance of Getting Your Credit Report Yearly - You want to make sure that the information being reported by all three agencies is accurate and current.
Reading Your Credit Report - It's important to understand what all that information means.
Fixing Your Credit - Learn what the proper steps are for removing misinformation from your files. This includes how to write a dispute letter. We offer a free sample dispute letter for consumers to use.
Understanding the Effect of Too Many Inquiries - Multiple inquiries in a short time frame will hurt your credit.
The Impact of Bad Credit - Having poor credit is one of the most detrimental impacts on your life.
What Are the Most Difficult Items to Remove? - When looking to fix your credit, some things are going to be more difficult to remove than others.
Credit Report FAQ - Features answers to some of the common questions related to credit reports.
Free Credit Scores - Get a free trial that will allow you to obtain your credit report free. There are several key values to getting your free credit scores.
Making Sure Your Credit Report is Accurate - Several key tips on what you can do to make sure your credit report is accurate.
Things That Hurt Your Credit - Practice smart credit now so that you don't have to spend years repairing your credit.
Credit Report Secrets - Credit card balances reflect the same as paying your debt in full every month.
How Long Do Negative Marks Stay On My Credit Report? - Different items will remain for varying times.

Credit Repair:
Credit Repair Companies - Services offered to help consumers remove negative items off their credit reports timely and effectively! Get a free, no obligation evaluation for credit repair.

Managing Debt - One of the most important practices and most difficult to master.
Loans for Paying Off Credit Cards - Get rid of high interest credit cards with a personal loan.
Different Kinds of Debt - Not all debt is bad. Learn the difference between good debt and bad.
Implications of Debt Issues - Being able to spot the signs of debt troubles is one of the most important steps to become fiscally responsible.
Impact of Good Budget Planning - Developing a strong budget offers a variety of money saving benefits.
Tips for Budgeting - Its not easy to pin-point where you should change your spending habits.
Effects of Overspending - Spending more money than you have is financial suicide.
Changes In Spending Habits - Features information on how consumer spending has changed over the years.
Fixed Expense vs. Discretionary Expenses - There are some costs that don't change every month, i.e. mortgage, car loan, etc.. While others do, i.e. phone bill, utilities, etc..
Find a Credit Counselor - A good advisor can help you get out of debt quickly and hassle free and teach you how to prevent future debt from occurring.
Saving Money When You Have Kids - Children are expensive. Page features information on things you can do to entertain your child that cost a penny.
Saving Money While Shopping - The grocery store is a cost the can get out of control if you are not careful.
Saving Money on Family Fun - Take the family out without spending any money.
Dealing With Creditors - When you don't pay your bills on time, you will find your creditors calling you wanting to get paid.
Dealing With Collection Agencies - Accounts that are overdue several months are going to be sent to collections.
Paying Off Credit Card Debt - Technique must be used when paying off multiple credit cards.
Understanding Debt-to-Income - Your debt-to-income ratio is one of the most influential aspects of your ability to get approved for loans and credit.

Debt Consolidation Programs
What is Debt Consolidation? - A great option for getting rid of debt.
Downside of Debt Consolidation - As with any process of eliminating debt, debt consolidation has its downside.
Questions to Ask a Debt Consolidation Company - There are a few questions you should receive concrete answers to.

What is ChexSystems? - Any negative banking activity is going to be reported to ChexSystems.
Removing Erroneous Info Off ChexSystems - It is important to be proactive and take the steps for getting errors removed from your ChexSystems file.
Banks That Don't Use ChexSystems - There are not many but they are out there.
Second Chance Checking Account - These types of bank accounts have limited functionality but will help you improve your banking rating.

Paying Bills - The art of paying bills is a learned strategy that takes time to master.
How Not to Pay Your Bills - Practices not to follow.
Paying Medical Bills - Options for paying the unexpected medical bills.
Organizing Bills - Organization of your bills will help you maintain control of your debt.

Teaching Kids About Money - The earlier you start educating your children about managing their money, the better. But there are some money topics that should not be discussed with kids.

Saving Money
How to Save Money - Not an easy task.
Kid's Clothing - Sears has a program called KidVantage that offers 15% discount on all clothing and sneaker purchases.
Groceries - If you can master saving on groceries, you will save a tremendous amount of money.
How to Find Coupons - There is a coupon for everything. You just need to know where to find them!
Monthly Expenses - By reducing monthly bills you will be saving annually!
Movie Tickets - Going to the movies is expensive! But it doesn't have to be!
Pet Care - Having a pet is not cheap. However, you can reduce your pet care expenses and ensure a healthy pet.
Mother's Day Gift - Find something that will fit your budget.

Prioritizing Spending - Determine what is a necessity and what is not.
Tips for Changing Spending Habits - Regaining control means changing the way you spend your money.
Controlling Spending - Know where your money is going.

Business Financing:
Preparing for a Business Loan - Having all of your paperwork and ideas ready will impress lenders.
Is Borrowing Against Your Business a Good Idea? - Evaluate the pros and cons of using business equity for financing.
Controlling Your Business Debt - In order to run a successful business, it is important that you know how to manage your debt.
Reducing Work-Related Costs - There are always going to be areas where you can tighten your belt and save some money. You need to know where to look.
Separating Your Personal and Business Debt - A common pitfall business owners fall into is allowing their personal finances to mix with their business.
Understanding Business Loans - If you are looking to expand your business or start a new one by means of financing, it is important that you familiarize yourself with how business loans works.

Understanding Bankruptcy:
Filing Bankruptcy - We work with a network of attorneys that can get help you with your filing. Get a free bankruptcy evaluation today.
How to File Bankruptcy - Learn the seven steps involved when filing bk.
Is Bankruptcy Right for You?  - Evaluate the pros and cons and determine if this debt controlling method is your best option.
Types of Bankruptcies - Familiarize yourself with what the difference is between the different kinds of BKs are.
Bankruptcy Questions and Answers - Analyze some questions and answers related to this tricky area.
Automatic Stays - An automatic stay will put a stop to creditors looking to collect their debt.
Getting Credit After Bankruptcy - Consumers that file for bankruptcy need to be aggressive in the credit building tactics post bankruptcy.
Applying for Credit Cards After Bankruptcy - A credit card is a great means for building credit.
Non-Dischargeable Debts - Certain debts can not be wiped out when you file for BK.
Avoiding Bankruptcy - Bankruptcy will have impacting negative long-term effects on your credit and should be a last resort for eliminating debt.
Bankruptcy Alternatives - There are options for getting rid of debt that should be explored prior to filing BK.

Foreclosure Basics - Anyone involved in any sort of real estate transaction needs to read about foreclosure.
How Does Foreclosure Effect Credit - You can expect your credit score to drop 200 points or more as a result of a foreclosure.
How to Avoid Foreclosure - Banks don't want to force a foreclosure. They will work with you to try and help you avoid a foreclosure first.

Rebuilding Credit:
Credit 101 - Get the basics about your credit.
Re-establishing Credit - Offers steps you can take to rebuild a positive credit history quickly.
Rebuilding Credit With Mortgages - Homeowners have the advantage of utilizing a second mortgage for improving credit ratings.
Secured Credit Cards - Unlike unsecured card offers, you must deposit money into your account when using a secured credit card to guarantee your payment.
Developing Credit With No Credit - Features insightful information that will help you develop a strong credit history if you are currently lacking one.
Personal Loans for People with Bad Credit - There are many different loans that will help you achieve your goals.
Credit for Those Under 21 - Getting as early as you can is a good move. Parents should learn how to teach teens about credit.

Identity Theft
Avoid Becoming a Victim of Identity Theft - Take the steps necessary to avoid falling prey to these scammers.
Detecting Identity Theft - There are several obvious signs to spot when you are a victim.
Children and Identity Theft - Children have become a favorite target for thieves.
Seniors and Identity Theft - As a result of their age, seniors are vulnerable for becoming prey to identity thieves.
Phishing - Email is used to get consumers to click thru to a fake website where you input your personal info.
What To Do If You are a Victim of Identity Theft - The steps to correcting this issue may be tedious but must be done.

Economy Issues
Surviving an Economic Crisis Learn how you can help yourself.
Dealing with a Slow Economy - When times are bad, there are things you can do to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe.
Keeping Your Job - No job is secure during slow economic times. Do what you can to ensure that job stability.
401k Investing When the Market is Bad - If possible, you should always continue investing into your 401k.

Credit Cards:
History of Credit Cards - Credit cards have been around since the early 1900s.
Types of Credit Cards - There are many different options of credit cards, all with different incentives and rewards.
Read the Fine Print! - It is very common for issuers to hide information in the fine print of their applications. If you not careful, you may end up with a card that is going to cost you more than expected.
Smart Credit Card Use - Credit cards offer great spending power. However, if you are not careful, you will end spiraling out of control in debt.
Bad Credit Credit Card Tips - You want to make sure that you apply for a credit card that will help you rebuild your credit without costing you too much in interest and fees.
Cancelling Credit Cards - Unless you have debt problems, cancelling a credit card is likely not going to help you in any way.

Student Credit Cards:
Learning to Manage Credit Cards - Managing a credit card while a student can be a very educational experience.
Using a Student Credit Card - Credit cards offer great spending convenience but need to be used wisely.
Avoiding Student Credit Card Debt - Falling into overwhelming debt is a major problem for college students.

Home Mortgage Loans:
Successful Refinancing - Prepare yourself so that achieve a speedy hassle-free loan. Learn about home equity loans.
New Home Loans - Learn what you can do to ensure that you get approved for the loan you are looking for.
Cost of Home Loans - Pre-determine what you can expect to pay for your financing.
Equity Loans for Buying an Automobile - It is very common for homeowners to use the equity from their home for the purchase of a new car.
Guide for Secured Loans - Get educated about secured financing works.


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