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How It Works - General information about how our process works.
Requirements - Get familiar with what the requirements for achieving approval are for Choice Personal Loans, Inc..
Contact Us - Get in touch with us with any questions, comments and/or concerns you may have before applying.
Testimonials - Obtain some feedback from some of our past clients.
Credit Help Info - VERY IMPORTANT! Features a variety of information that will help educate you about personal loans and finances.

Loan Programs We Offer:
Unsecured Personal Loans
Consolidating Debt with Personal Loans
Bad Credit Personal Loans
Business Financing - Startup Business Loans - What You Need to Know About Starting a First Time or New business.
Unsecured Loans for Weddings
        -Planning an Affordable Wedding
        -Tips for Paying for My Wedding
Engagement Ring Loans
              ---Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring
              ---Determining How Much To Spend On An Engagement Ring
Recreational Vehicles
Holiday Financing
              ---Christmas Shopping Tips - Even for last minute shopping. Christmas Budgeting
New/Used Car Purchases
              ---Auto Loan Tips
              ---How Much to Spend On a Car
              ---Auto Buying Mistakes to Avoid
              ---Advantages to Buying Used
              ---Getting Auto Loans With No Credit
Debt Relief Program
Student Loan Consolidation
Financing Adoptions
              ---Adoption Tips
              ---Is Adoption Right For Me?
              ---Cost to Adopt a Child
Student Loans
Mortgages After Bankruptcy
No Credit Check Loans
Payday Loans
Signature Here
               ---what are signature loans?
               ---signature loan risks
No Credit Loans
              ---going from no credit to good credit
Unemployment Loans
              ---help finding a job
              ---job stability
Computer Loans
              ---computer buying tips
              ---save money when buying a computer
Unsecured Lines of Credit
              ---pros and cons of a line of credit
              ---what is a line of credit?
              ---line of credit vs. credit cards
              ---line of credit vs. lump sum
Vacation Loans
              ---Getting a Cheap Vacation
              ---Avoid Travel Scams
              ---Benefits of Vacation Loans
---Planning an Affordable Trip
Tax Settlement Loans
              ---Paying Taxes on Tips
              ---Advice for Paying Income Taxes
              ---Avoiding an Audit
              ---Handling Audits
Fast Cash Loans
Emergency Cash Loans
              ---Emergency Personal Loans
              ---Emergency Funds
              ---How to Save for An Emergency Fund
Loans for Paying Medical Bills
              ---Negotiate Medical Bills
Plastic Surgery Loans
              ---Mommy Makeover Loans
              ---Choosing a Plastic Surgeon
              ---Plastic Surgery Trends
Instant Decision Loans
Installment Loans

           -Personal Loan Info:
           Being a Wise Borrower
           Unsecured Loan Tips
           Compute Payments
           Loan Shopping
           Avoiding Loan Scams
           Bad Credit Loan Information
           Borrowing Advice for First Time Borrowers
           Getting the Best Rates
           Applying for Loans Online
           When Refinancing a Loan Makes Sense
           Advantages of Personal Loans
Are Unsecured Loans for Consolidating Debt a Good Idea?
           Dangers of Debt Consolidation Loans
           Cheap Personal Loans
           Bad Credit Unsecured Personal Loans for Getting Rid of Bad Credit
           Loan Aspects to Avoid
           What Happens When I Default?
           Advance Fee Loan Scams - How to Avoid Loan Scams - Spotting Loan Scams - What Should I Do If I am a Loan Scam Victim?
           Peer-to-Peer Lending - Investing in Peer Lending - Problems with P2P Loans
           Online Loans vs. Bank Loans
                -Credit Cards vs. Personal Loans
           When Are Personal Loans a Bad Idea?
                -Living Beyond Our Means
                -Planning a Wedding
                -Buying Stocks
          -Interest Rates:
           Understanding Personal Loan Interest Rates
           Why Are Personal Loan Interest Rates Higher?
           What Does APR Mean?
           Paying Taxes On Personal Loan Interest You Receive When Lending Money to Friends or Family
           Factors That Determine Interest Rates
          -Lending to Family and Friends:
Family Loans  
           Questions to Ask Yourself
           Promissory Notes
           Borrowing from Family
           10 Reasons Not to Lend to Friends
           Helping Without Giving Money/Loans
           How to Say No
Co-signing a Loan
           Should I Co-Sign a Loan?
           Getting a Personal Loan With a Cosigner
           Co-Signing is a Bad Idea
           Getting Out As a Cosigner
          -Payday Loan Info
Best Payday Loans
           Payday Loan Application Tips
           Dangers of Payday Loans
           Using Payday Loans Wisely
When You Shouldn't Use a Payday Loan
           Payday Loan Interest Rates
           When Are Payday Loans a Good Idea?
           How Are Payday Loans Beneficial?
           Why Is My SSN Needed By Payday Lenders?
          -Credit Reports:
What is a FICO Score?
           How Are Credit Scores are Computed?
           Making Sure Your Credit Report is Accurate
           How to Read a Credit Report  
            Why You Should Run Your Credit Report Once a Year
           The Impact of Inquiries on Your Credit Report
           Correcting Your Credit Report - Writing a Dispute Letter - Sample Dispute Letter
           Effects of Having Bad Credit
           What are the Hardest Credit Items to Fix?
           Credit Report FAQ
           Things That Hurt Your Credit
           Credit Report Secrets
           How Long Do Negative Marks Stay On My Credit Report?
         -Free Credit Scores:
           Get Your Free Credit Scores - Value of a Free Credit Score
         -Debt Info:
Managing Debt
Loans for Paying Off Credit Cards
Good Debt vs. Bad Debt
           Changes In Spending Habits
           Early Warning Signs of Debt Trouble
           Planning a Budget is a Good Strategy
           Budgeting Tips
           Problems With Overspending
           Fixed Expense vs. Discretionary Expenses
           Locating a Financial Counselor
           How to Save Money If You Have Kids
           How to Save Money by Changing the Way You Buy Food
           Dealing With Creditors
           Dealing With Collection Agencies
           Effects of Technology On Consumer Spending Habits
           Paying Off Credit Card Debt
           Understanding Debt-to-Income
         -Debt Consolidation:
           What is Debt Consolidation?
           Downside of Debt Consolidation
           Questions to Ask a Debt Consolidation Company
           What is ChexSystems?
           Removing Erroneous Info Off ChexSystems
           Banks That Don't Use ChexSystems
           Second Chance Checking Account
Effective Bill Management
           How Not to Pay Your Bills
           Paying Medical Bills
           Organizing Bills
         -Teaching Kids About Money
           Family Money Topics Not To Discuss With Kids
         -Saving Money:
           How to Save Money
           Saving on Kid's Clothing
           Saving on Groceries
           How to Find Coupons
           How to Save on Family Fun
           Cutting Back Monthly Expenses
           Getting Cheap Movie Tickets
           Saving On Pet Care
           Saving on a Mother's Day Gift
           Prioritizing Spending
           How Can I Change My Spending Habits?
           Controlling Spending
         -Identity Theft:
Avoid Becoming a Victim of Identity Theft
           Detecting Identity Theft
Children and Identity Theft
           Seniors and Identity Theft
            What To Do If You are a Victim of Identity Theft
         -Business Info:
Preparing for a Business Loan
           Cut Down Work-Related Expenses
Handling Business Debts
           Keeping Business Debt & Personal Debts Separate
           How Business Loans Work
Is Borrowing Against Your Business a Good Idea?
          -Economy Issues:
Surviving an Economic Crisis
Dealing with a Slow Economy
           Keeping Your Job
           401k Investing When the Market is Bad
         -Bankruptcy Info:
Filing Bankruptcy - Get a free evaluation
           How to File Bankruptcy
Bankruptcy Good or Bad?
           Types of Bankruptcies
           Bankruptcy Questions and Answers
           Automatic Stays
           Importance of Getting Credit After Bankruptcy
           Credit Cards After Bankruptcy
           Non-Dischargeable Debts
Help Avoiding Bankruptcy
-Bankruptcy Alternatives
Foreclosure Basics
           Affect of Foreclosure on Credit
           How to Avoid Foreclosure
         -How to Rebuild Credit:
Credit 101
Six Steps to Re-establishing Your Credit
           Mortgages to Rebuild Credit
           Getting Credit with a Secured Credit Card
           Building Credit When You Have No Credit
           Personal Loans for People with Bad Credit
           Credit for Those Under 21 - Teaching Teens About Credit
         -Credit Card Info:
History of Credit Cards
Types of Credit Cards
           Applying for a Credit Card - Read the Fine Print!
           Use Credit Cards Wisely
           Application Tips for People with Bad Credit
           Cancelling Credit Cards
                  ---Student Credit Cards:
Learning to Manage Credit Cards
           Using a Student Credit Card
           Avoiding Student Credit Card Debt
         -Home Loans Info:

           Equity Loans
           Winning at Refinancing
           Qualifying for a New Home Loan
           How Much Do Home Loans Cost?
           Secured Loans Guide
           Buying a Car with Home Equity Loan
          -Pawn Shop Loans
             -History of Pawn Shops
             -Getting the Best Price for Your Pawn


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Types of Personal Financing Opportunities Offered:
Unsecured Personal Loans - Bad Credit Personal Loans
Consolidating Debt with Personal Loans

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