Owing the IRS for back taxes is scary, regardless of how much you owe. The penalties and interest fees are astronomical. You can literally go from owing a few hundred dollars to several thousand in only a few months time once penalties and interest are factored in. Therefore, it is very important that you pay your taxes in full and on time whenever they are due. If you don't understand how the US Federal and State taxing systems work and/or you need help determining how much current and back taxes you owe, you will need to contract with a licensed CPA, otherwise known as Certified Public Accountant. Sites like CPA Directory have directories that list every type of accountant for personal and business use. CPA Directory will help you locate a qualified accountant in your area that will definitely be able to help you with your tax needs.

What are your options for paying tax debts?
If after speaking with a CPA you discover that those letters you have been receiving from the IRS are accurate, you will need to develop a plan for settling your tax debt. Your accountant may be able to negotiate with the IRS and come up with a payment plan, possibly even at a reduced total amount of what you owe by eliminating penalties and interest charges altogether. However, these sort of grievances are typically only offered by the IRS for first time offenders. If you have incurred penalties in the past for any sort of tax offense, you will have to come up with an alternative plan, like applying for a tax loan for settling your debt with the IRS.


How do tax loans work?
If your debt from tax penalties is growing quicker than you can pay them, you should consider applying for tax settlement loans. Besides reducing interest rates, penalties and total fees owed for payment plans, the IRS also accepts millions of tax settlement requests every year. A tax settlement request is an appeal for a reduced debt if a payment is made in full now. The IRS wants to get paid, and if they feel that you may not be able to pay your debt long-term, they will likely accept any reasonable offer presented to them. We will provide you with a loan in the amount that you need in order to achieve your settlement goals. This is known as a tax settlement loan. These types of tax loans allow you to present the IRS with one, lower amount, lump sum as payment for your debt.

Why choose a tax settlement loan for paying back-taxes?
Settlement loans for taxes help taxpayers save billions of dollars every year. The lenders we work have assisted tens of thousands of taxpayers in similar situations as yourself settle their issues with the IRS. We will help you select a loan that will help you accomplish your goals of achieving tax relief without killing your daily living expense needs.

Having to deal with the IRS can be a roller coaster of emotion and stress and can have a severe impact on not only your finances but also your health. If you are like millions of aggravated taxpayers that owe the IRS or state back taxes, our tax loans can help!

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