There are many different reasons why people refinance personal loans and mortgages. The information featured on this page will not only help you determine if refinancing is your best option, but will also help you win at refinancing.

Below are some examples that make refinancing alluring:

  • You can lower your current interest rate for 'no cost'.

  • You have an adjustable mortgage that is about to rise. Make sure you refinance with a fixed rate loan.

  • You have an adjustable rate mortgage and it is driving you crazy! If you want more certainty and control, refinance with a fixed rate.

  • You have a balloon payment loan. Lump payments can destroy your budget. Refinance for a more conventional type of loan.

  • You need cash. You can get the cash you need by refinancing your existing mortgage. If you have high debt, with high interests, but you have a lot of equity in your house, refinancing is an excellent choice.

Very important! Once you decide to refinance your house, you may be tempted to wait for rates to get their 'lowest'. Rates fluctuate every day, and waiting a day too long to refinance a loan can burn you bad!

If you have a personal loan that you would like to refinance, please contact us so that we can discuss your options.

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