Purchasing a new computer is something every modern consumer is eventually going to do. In the past few years, a computer has become an essential part of everyday life. Buying a computer does not have to be a stressful or expensive. Below are a few tips that will help you save money when purchasing a computer.

- Never buy the first computer you see from the first store you visit. Do some shopping around and get different prices on varying computers. A good idea would be to determine what you need out of your computer before hitting the stores. Visit sites like Cnet to compare computers specs and pricing. And/or talk with someone you know that is knowledgeable about computers. Be confident that your purchase is the best deal! Get some more computer buying tips.

- Install all software yourself. Most new computers purchased from the major stores come with new software installed. Having the software pre-installed is convenient but also increases the purchase price. In addition, some of the software you probably won't even use. Most of the basic software (word processing, adware and spyware removal, anti-virus, etc.) are available online for free at sites like Tucows.

- As mentioned, above determine exactly what you will need out of your new computer. Avoid buying one that is labeled as 'fully loaded'. These 'loaded' extras are probably hype and nothing you will ever need. It will be considerably less expensive for you to purchase the most basic computer and install everything you need yourself.

- Do not even consider purchasing an extended warranty. Computer stores push these warranties with every purchase. They make a great deal of money off of these warranties. Almost all major computers come with a one or two year manufacturer's warranty. Any warranty eligible issues are likely going to occur within the first year of purchase. That in conjunction with the fact that technology changes very fast, any type of extended warranty outside of the manufacturer's warranty is not worth the price they cost.

- If you need help paying the cost of a new computer, consider applying for a computer loan.

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