Whether you've been employed by the same employer for the last ten years or if you recently started a new job, you should never take your job for granted. As a result of the poor economy, the unemployment levels are at an all time high. People that have worked all their lives are finding themselves out of work and unable to locate new employment. In addition, college grads are also having a hard time finding work in their field after graduation.

Longevity Does Not Equal Security!
Being at the same job for years usually equals a higher income than someone just starting out. Even though you may feel secure because of your seniority, don't change your work ethics or if you feel you have slipped over the years you'll need to rediscover them. Companies are always looking for ways to increase productivity and at a cheaper rate. It is very common for companies to let go of the older work force and hirer young adults fresh out of college. Not only are recent college grads willing to work cheap, they are hungry and eager to perform.

So, no matter how long you have been working for your current employer, the info below is definitely work reviewing. By following this advice, you'll be doing all that you can to show your employer your long-term dedication and committment to your work.

Be On Time!
Being on time is very important to employers. Arriving a few minutes late every day may seem like no big deal to you. But rest assured, bosses recognize this type of tardiness. Do the math...if you are late five minutes/day, you are late 30 minutes/week, two hours/month...and a full 24 hours/year! Employers do not want to pay you for time you are not there when you should be!

In addition, do not take advantage of the allocated time you receive for lunch and coffee breaks. The same as above, a few minutes may seem like no big deal to you but most definitely will be to your boss.

You'll also want to meet any deadlines you are given for turning in assignments. You need to be reliable all of the time!

If You Are Going To Be Late or Absent, CALL!
With most companies, if you do not call in and let the employer know that you are going to either be late or not reporting to work at all, there will be consequences as opposed to if you do inform them. You reflect an attitude of not caring about the impact of your lateness or absence on the company's production. But, by letting them know, you are being responsible and the company can make arrangements if necessary to cover for your.

Finish Assignments
Time is money. So if you are given a particular assignment to complete, do your best to complete it as best you can in a timely manner, regardless if you have been given a deadline or not. Just because you are told that your work is expected to be finalized by Friday, does not mean you should slack off and hand it in Friday. Moving up the corporate ladder is for people that not only meet company expectations, but exceed them!

Be a Team Player
Your hard work should be the only thing that makes you different from your co-workers. Always use the 'team' concept and not the 'me' concept.

Communicate Issues
If you notice something that is either effecting the current efficiency of the company or something that may cause damage in the future, let management know. Your employer will be extremely appreciative that you are being attentive for the well-being of the business.

Have a Good Attitude
Do you like working with someone that is consistently complaining or finding the bad? It is important that you are always positive with your work, your co-workers and your employers. Workers that are constantly being recognized for the positive attitude will likely be acclaimed when it comes time for performance evaluation and also raise consideration. Being positive creates a positive vibe which will enable you to enjoy work more than if you are negative.
Don't Participate In Office Gossip
Unfortunately, there is always going to be some sort of office gossip going on in every work environment. Steer clear of this sort of childish behavior. Some people can't help themselves from being a busy-body; wanting to know what is going on with everyone's personal life by gossiping and backstabbing. Bosses know who the office gossipers are and most definitely will not trust them anywhere as much as someone that does get involved in this sort of behavior.

Also, steer clear from making racist or anti-gay comments. Doing so will most definitely result in being fired.

Never Talk Bad About Anyone!
Do not bad-mouth the boss! It will get back to them eventually. And will likely get distorted along the way to be much worse than what you initially complained/discussed about in confidence. The gossipers mentioned above will likely be the ones to backstab you. So, instead of finding things to bitch about, look to get your concerns across directly to your boss via constructive criticism accompanied with concern.

And, you'll want to avoid discussing any ill feelings towards work on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It is common for companies to hire outside sources to troll these sites with the intent of locating workers that are talking trash. Not only do you run the risk of getting fired, but if your slander is strong enough, you may even be faced with legal recourse.

Abide By the Office Rules
The rules were created for a reason, to be followed! You don't have to agree with them, but you do have to follow them!

Never Say 'That's Not Part Of My Job'
Even if you think a request being made is not part of your job, do it! There is always going to be someone ready to step up and pick up the slack of others. And those are the people that are going to move up the corporate ladder.

Be one of those people that volunteer to pick up the slack of others. Also, be willing to participate in training that will help you do your job better. Bottom line, be ready to do all that you can do.

In conclusion...
Distinguish yourself at work. Always put in 110% in everything you do...and try and do it better than everyone else! Be eager, respectful and courteous while being a team player. Be the one that can be counted on for getting any job done at any time!

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