People adopt for a variety of reasons, but to become a parent/family is likely the most important reason for everyone. This sole aspiration brings together a huge group of individuals considering adoption for a great deal of other reasons, including:

- Not being able to conceive a child of their own.
- A mind-set in with respect to helping alleviate the problem of overpopulation in this world by joining a child that is in need of a family with an adult wanting to become a parent.
- Age of the adopter and the adoptee - There are those that consider their age to be too risky or flat out impossible to experience a pregnancy. Or, it is also common for potential new parents to adopt an older child because they would prefer to skip the baby years.
- Genetics - Many people adopt as a result of not wanting to pass on a genetic illness and/or defect.
- Gender - Knowing exactly what sex you are getting when you adopt is another popular reason for adoption. For example, a family may already have a girl and would like to ad a boy to their family....or vice versa.

The choice to adopt may be a simple decision for some and hard for others. There are some very legitimate fears associated with adoption including not knowing the medical history of the child, the financial risk associated with raising a child, how your friends and family are going to react, concern of not being able form a bond, etc.. Any fear you have is very common and completely normal. Luckily, almost all can be defeated. It is extremely vital for anyone thinking about adoption that all parties involved in their relationship agree on that choice of how and when to create their family.

When considering adoption, consider the following:
- Your child does not have your bloodline.
- Your child is not going to resemble you.
- If you adopt an older child it is likely that they will have (at least in the beginning) a stronger emotional connection with someone that is not part of your family.
- Your child may not have the same interests, talents or intellectual aptitude as you.
- Your child may have an unidentified genetic disposition and can possibly run the chance of having an unexpected medical condition develop.
- All of your friends and family are aware that you have adopted a child and they may not accept the child.
- You are going to have your privacy raided during the adoption assessing phase in order to determine your abilities of becoming parent.

If none of these concerns are an issue for you, then adoption is great a means for creating or building your family.

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